Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Interest in chins comes in waves.  It really does.

Ever since the one lady put China and Snickers on hold (and no, they don't get along, the person is getting a critter nation cage), I've had more people email about China and Snickers than ever before.  One guy is set on coming and seeing them, and I told them, he can, and he can come and see all the others, but if this person actually completes their adoption and pays for the chins or puts down a deposit, I told him, I'm not having the conversation of, "well, how much would I have to pay to get them instead?"  Cause believe me, it happens.

Well anyway, funny story, I just emailed the lady about China and Snickers, cause it'd almost been a week, and I hadn't heard back from her, and I was starting to wonder if she was no longer wanting to adopt.  So I write her this long email about how I can't hold them forever, yadda yadda, and she has 5 more days to get back to me before I take em off hold, and so on and so forth.  Literally the second I send her that email, an email pops up in my inbox from her, answering all my questions from the previous email and such.  Naturally.  So I email back to that one, saying to ignore the last email, and she's all set to adopt.  Now, she wants those chins held for I think another 3 weeks?  Which is fine, but I told her, she has to put down a deposit to do so.  So, that's what I emailed about in this email, and she got back to me and said she'll mail a check.  Since I have the ability to deposit checks right off my phone, that'll be fine. 

Then, I had someone emailing yesterday about the beige male that I have for sale, the pedigreed one.  They filled out their app, sent me a nice pic of their cage, and they're all set to adopt this Sunday.

Then over the last few days, I'd gotten a few calls from Iowa, and hadn't answered, because out of state calls are usually a waste of my time (hate to say, but if I'm not shipping, most of them aren't driving).  Well, she left a message this morning, and I hadn't gotten around to listening to it yet, but I had checked my email, and same person emailed me wanting to get the pink white male and then asked if she could call me and when she listed the number, everything fell into place.  So, we talked, she's set to come Monday to adopt him.

And the best part -- I was JUST going to lower the prices on those two chins.  But I was like, let me list the other chins I have available first, because they're taking up more cage room in rescue cages than those two are taking in runs.... and I'm glad I left it alone. 

Had someone else email about wanting to take the pink white male on a trial run.  Told her, sorry, he's on hold, and her second choice was the beige male (go figure), and so she's decided to trial run Scampy.  So she came and picked him up.  Fingers crossed that goes well.

And then the person who was interested in Puff, and then Owl, and I told em where they could view the adoptable chins, now is wanting to take Maddie on a trial run.  Working on setting that up.  

So, I went and picked up some chin chow, and then when I got home, I pulled all of the FN cages forward and swept behind them, and vacuumed all sides of the cage.  The first two cages on the left, I vacuumed out, sprayed down and wiped out the pan, and put in fresh (ahhhh) liners.  And then took pics of those chins that were in those cages that weren't listed yet.  Wrote up ads for Snowy / Hannah and Clive / Amethyst (the other chin pair, Chili and Chico, isn't ready yet, and the cage for the guinea pigs hasn't been cleaned yet, so no pics of them yet).  So ads were posted on the website and elsewhere for the two pairs I did get pictured.  And that's about where today ends, because I am tired and sore.

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