Sunday, March 8, 2015

Busy Day

So, today's going to be a busy day. 

Just got off skype with Joyce from Malaysia (it's almost midnight there, but with the time difference, easiest time to do it is early morning for me / late night for her).  Joyce and her boyfriend dropped Snowy and Hannah off at the rescue awhile back, when they moved home, and for awhile wanted to decide if they were going to bring the chins with them or not.  The decision was made that it's too hot and muggy there (and they don't have AC), so the chins stayed here, and were put up for adoption... and today's the big day that they go to their new home!  I had promised Joyce that I would skype again with her (had already done it once) before the chins went to their new home, so we squeezed a skype session in this morning, with the chins in their playpen.  She had requested that the new home keep in touch, which the new home agreed to do, so all's well.

Next for today, I have to go pick up some more wood, some wire for the toys, and wire cutters (cause again, mine have walked off).  You know why I need these?  Cause I'm getting a volunteer today!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!

And it's a GUY who mentioned that he's ok with heavy lifting, which means, sad to say for him, he's getting put to work on the heavy lifting.  I still have 200 pounds of chin chow in my garage, 100 pounds of dust in my truck, and the table saw in my garage.  He can help get allllll those down to the basement for me.  Plus other stuff like helping make houses and that sort of thing.  But you know, especially the stuff that would take me 200 trips that he can probably do in 5.

We're gonna get a lot done today!!!  Ok, so I gotta go now, to get that stuff.....

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