Wednesday, March 11, 2015


I think this is funny... I use as one of the websites where I list the chinchillas that are available at the rescue.  I never list my own pedigreed chins, because, hello, they're not rescues, and I wouldn't abuse rescue-geared websites like that.

Well, I listed the babies on there.  They're technically rescues, as they're not pedigreed chins, and they are breeder cast offs.  Someone didn't want them = rescue.

Got an email this morning that some visitor to rescueme flagged four of my ads as a "breeder selling animals."  Really?  Because they're babies, no doubt, but... has anyone heard of a dog rescue having, oh, I dunno.... puppies?  Or a cat rescue having kittens?  I mean, rescues do occasionally end up with younger animals.  I guess because they're chinchillas, well, a chinchilla rescue could never just have a rescue baby available.  But you know, it's ok for people to post puppies and kittens.  Those clearly weren't bred for the intention of selling on a rescue site, nooooo.

Well, unless they get taken down, they'll stay up.  I can't currently edit the ads (must be under review or something), so I can't even add to them that I didn't breed them (which I didn't).  I don't know how they even flagged four, as I only have ads up for three young ones.  I guess, you know, chinchilla rescue is all a scam, according to this flagger.  Who clearly has no life.  Darn, next, watch her flag a 2 year old, because I must have bred it and waited two years and THEN sold it.  Ugh.  Idiots.

And you know, this would be totally different if it was craigslist.  Because people are flag-happy over there, but on craigslist, everything is hunky dory, but no on this site, omg!  baby!!!  MUST have been bred specifically to sell on a rescue site.  Yep, nothing better to do.

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