Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Lying Sack-o-shit People

I'm not stupid.  And the fact that people CONTINUALLY lie to me makes me think that people assume that either I'm stupid or simply paying no attention and just want to get animals adopted.  Either way... it's getting reaaaaaaaalllllly old.

I'm very happy I decided to implement the proof of cage thing that I did this year.  Cause it's really proving to me how many sack-o-shit lowlife liars that want to adopt.  Sorry, but you lie to me about the cage, you're done.  No adopting, no sorry's, I don't f-ing care what you say.  You show me a cage that you don't actually have, and I will NEVER believe that "oh you've never lied before in your life."  Well, now you did, and you did to the wrong person.

Now, I'm not saying I'm a saint, I'm sure I've lied before in my life too.  Heck, I'm nice to people all the time that I'd like to tell them what I really think of them, and when they say, "oh, sorry I'm being so annoying," I respond, "oh no, it's fine," when really I think, "I hope you never buy anything again from the webstore cause you drove me nuts for your entire order."  Ok, so that's sort of untruthful.  Sort of, because at the end of the day, it really is "fine," because I do want their order (and that involves putting up with the customer who is paying for the order), because I do want to keep the store open and keep the rescue running.  But in the end, that's just being civil.  Providing customer service.

On the other hand, these people are lying about important things.  A chinchilla's cage, they have to live in.  LIVE IN.  Their ENTIRE lives.  How would you like it if you went to rent a house, and they showed you pictures of this awesome house...and you thought, man this looks really neat, I'd love to live there!!  And so you agreed to rent it and signed all the docs and paid the deposit and go to move in, and you got there and it was really a cardboard box.  You'd be like wtf???  Well, that's about my reaction to this shit.  And it's about that ridiculous.

Had someone text me a picture message of a cage.  Thought it looked a tad too nice and a tad too something-I've-seen-elsewhere.  They sent the picture and then said they were interested in Ozzie (which means they can't read, since it clearly says on my site that he's on hold) and gave me an email to send the adoption stuff to.  Well, I asked if that was their cage and also said that Ozzie was on hold. 

Well, let's just say I have not heard back from this person as of yet.  It's only been like 20-30 minutes since I sent my last text, and considering they took quite some time to respond to my first text (saying the cage looked fun), the may still text me back.  But let me share with you the problem here.....

Here's the text (and the person should be happy I'm nice enough to block out their info):

And here's's article on the Global Pet Expo from 2009 -- and here's the part showing the cage that won second place:

I'm not stupid.  Sorry if you were counting on that.....

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