Sunday, March 22, 2015


So, this past weekend was MCBA Nationals.  I took just two chins, Big Girl and one of my pink white males.  Big Girl and the male had both shown at the Michigan show, Big Girl got a 1st and the pink white got a 2nd.  I had also showed another pink white male (a predominantly white one) and a beige at the Michigan show.  Sold the predominantly pink white and the beige, and was about to sell this one too, but decided he had the best fur and hung onto him.

So, in classic show prep, the chins were dusted daily from about a month out, and packed up Friday and taken to the show.  Rough groomed them Friday night at the hotel, better groomed them Saturday morning before the show, and off we were.  Well.... the male got Reserve Champion White Male!  At NATIONALS of all places!!!  So, for the non-chin-show-people, that means he beat out all the other white males at the show (in any color phase, so, all mosaics, all pink whites, all predominantly whites) to be the second best white at the show.  So awesome!  His main comments were that he was lacking size (as he is a bit small even for 10 months) and that he has a singy tip (end of his fur is like kinked), but I talked with the judge and he said to just pair him up with silky tip large females (which, really, is most chins) and he'll be fine.

And Big Girl got a second and mostly positive comments, her main comments dealt with the fact that she's a bit older (almost 2 years) so she's out of prime, and that she's lacking veiling in the neck (the darker color on top doesn't carry over evenly).  I talked with Jim after the show and he said her main issue, taking into consideration her age, was the veiling.  Well, she'll be put with a white likely, possibly even the male at the show, so that won't be any issue, because whites don't have veiling. 

So, pictures, of course....

just groomed, waiting to be put on the table for classifying
pink white male

pink white male, after the show

7 months

7 months

my poor stuck (hilarious) boy at 4 months old (phone pic)

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