Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Productive Day

So, got a decent amount done today.  Started off the day with someone coming over who was interested in a chin, but couldn't get it quite yet.  They came by to see the chin and decided to put down a deposit on Ozzie.  That was followed up by someone coming by to drop off a chinchilla that had been dropped off at the pet store they work at.  Welcome Tytus. 

And then the work started.  I sanded and glued a few houses.  I sanded toy parts and put together some toys (mostly anything goes, but also a critter's delight for someone who had it as part of their order).  I cut up a bag of wood for the anything goes toys.  I started working on cleaning some of the used cages to get those ready.  Got 3/4 done on the one, found a broken bar, and got distracted, so I guess I'll resume that tomorrow. 

But the biggest thing I did today.... was work on orders.  Those can be a nightmare when those pile up, so I try to get them done as quickly as I can, so that doesn't happen.  Well, someone had a birthday cake in theirs, and I had put the cake together the other day and then realized, after that, that the flame needed to be sanded more cause it had all sorts of pen marks.  Whoops.  So I sanded it, but then had to re-paint (carefully!) it yellow, without coating the rest of the cake.  So that was yesterday, today it got packed up.  Need to still tape that box and get an address so I can mail it out tomorrow.

Put together another order that was some herbs and herb sampler.  Also need to tape and address that one.

Brought upstairs the mondo anything goes order, need to sew the hammock and that will all be ready to go.

Started putting together another order that involved some cookies, loofah, toys, water bottle, and another birthday cake.  Don't have enough loofah to complete the order, so I guess now I absolutely have to cut up loofah.  Which, if anyone has any simpler way to do it, please enlighten me, because the only way I've found to cut it is on the power saw.  And you know how wood creates sawdust when cut, well loofah creates... best term for it is burrs.  Very sharp burrs that work their way into your clothes and hair and won't come out.  So I try to cut ooooodles of it when I need to cut it, so I don't have to cut it for a long time again.  But I'm down to my last bag, and I need two for this order, so it is now again time.  Anyway, the birthday cake they wanted, they wrote for colors, "any combination."  Alrighty, so I get to be creative, they are getting a bright blue base, with orange on top of that, and lime green on top of that, and purple on top of that, and a yellow flame.  It's drying now (except for the flame, which I need to sand and then dye), and I'll assemble it tomorrow.  Hope they like it!

Then I have an order that I've been working out what it is with the person for a few days now.  Like trying to nail down what it is they want, and I think we've finally gotten to that, so I cut wood shelves for that today, and they wanted some rosehips, so I bagged those as well.  So tomorrow, I will need to figure shipping on that.

Then someone emailed me the other day wanting a standard hidey house with a bottom.  Well, naturally, the one I put together today didn't want to stand level, and that wouldn't bode well for putting a bottom on, so I took one of my already done ones (and this is why they're never in stock lol) and glued a bottom on.  So that's been rubberbanded and is sitting and drying now, and tomorrow I can get it in a box and figure out shipping.

And then someone wanted a wooden litter box like the one I made way back when, so they got back to me with about how big they were thinking, so I started on that.  Realized I had a few questions, so had to email them back about that, but that's ok, because the first part has to dry before I can move on anyway.

And finally, had an order for some shelves and toy and scatter guards and stuff that's been sitting around here forever, so I dug out the bolts that I bought a bit ago and bolted everything and made the toy that her order was missing.  And emailed her to let her know it's done, and sent the pictures of the scatter guards to someone who wanted to see what they looked like.

Had been planning to cut the loofah today, but I have a pounding headache so that's not happening, maybe tomorrow.

Took pics of the young-ish chins that are here now, just need to get those ads written up and listed.  Will hopefully get that done at some point tonight.

And I believe that's it for today.... more tomorrow...

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