Thursday, March 26, 2015

Let's Continue

Let's continue last night's blog about the lying idiots, shall we?

I wake up this morning to a text that says "yes send app like to adopt" and another text that says "make appt to see."  Now.  #1, that's not their cage.  As evidenced by the last post.  And they just told me, yes, it's their cage.  Sorry, they're done.  #2 -- they must be too dumb to know how to read.  Because I clearly texted back saying Ozzie is already on hold for someone.  And what do they come back with?  They want to make an appointment to see and adopt him.  Ugh.  Well, needless to say, they're not adopting.

And their email is their name -- so I contacted some other rescues to let them know what's gone on, because we all band together and none of us want people pulling stuff like this adopting animals... and I looked them up on facebook.  Their facebook account says they work at Independent Cat Society, which is a rescue of sorts, it helps cats.  And they're still dishonest.  I feel bad for that place with someone like that working for them.  Kind of hope they're not dishonest in working there..... 

I think what kills me most about this lying about the cages is who they're lying to.  Not specifically me, as a person, but lying to a rescue.  The rescue isn't out there to make money or become famous, or anything like that, it's out there to help the animals.  Makes me think, if they're going to lie to a rescue, they probably have no problem lying to just about anything else in their life. 

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