Thursday, March 26, 2015

RescueMe Flagger Strikes Again

I know, I know.  Either I don't blog for weeks, or you get several days with two posts per day.  Yeah yeah.  But that's kinda how it is here.  Either everything goes on all at once, or nothing goes on for weeks.

Well, I posted some of the young chins on, and again.... I have "problem reports" of "breeders selling animals posing as rescue" in my email inbox, for ALL OF THEM.  You may recall, this happened last time I posted the young ones and in case somehow I didn't update about that, they left the ads up. 

Someone has a bug up their butt, clearly.  Cause really, let's be honest.  Humane societies have puppies and kittens.  How is that ANY different from a chinchilla rescue having a baby chinchilla?  Oh wait!!!  It's NOT. 

I would love to know, how a rescue site has turned into freaking craigslist.  I would expect to get flagged on craigslist (but surprisingly, that has not happened in AGES), but on a rescue site?  Give me a break.  It kind of makes me wonder if it's not some other breeder somewhere who's losing business cause there now are lots of fun colored babies available.  On this site, whenever another rescue ads a critter in a category I belong to, I get an email.  So, for example, I belong to the rodent category (as chinchillas are rodents), so I probably have emails for every animal I've added this morning.  And I believe, so does everyone else who is a rescue for that category.  So it could be another breeder or rescue who has an account and is seeing all these go up, who is reporting them all.  Hmmmmmmmm.  Is it that difficult to be civil? 

When I have my own pedigreed babies for sale, or pedigreed adults, they don't get listed on petfinder or rescue me, or any of the rescue-only sites.  You know why, because that's just being ethical.  They're not rescues.  They're chins I bred.  If they're not chins I bred, then they must fit in some other category... and my ads even say, for that site, that the baby chins were not bred here, yadda yadda.

Anyway, I called up RescueMe and naturally, got voicemail (surprise!) and left a voicemail asking for them to call me back.  Personally, I find it a bit ridiculous that they even ALLOW people to flag ads (petfinder would never think of such a thing).  I went to look, since I'd never even noticed the flagging thing until they started flagging me, and apparently you can also flag for people not responding to your emails, people not answering your phone calls, inappropriate pictures, wrong phone number.... what is this kindergarten?  I wasn't aware that when people got their butthurt because someone didn't call them back cause they said they wanted a chinchilla for their 1 year old to carry around in a death ball all day, that that's a perfectly fine reason to report them!  I guess that's what the world's coming to.  They offend you?  Op!  Report them!!!!

Anyway, I doubt they will call me back, because that's just how these sort of places are, but I left a message saying that they're not animals I bred, that it even says that on the ad, and I find this a bit ridiculous because no one questions humane societies for having puppies... but I can't have baby chins here at the rescue.  So... we shall see.

In the meantime, I packaged up two packages and need to take those out to be mailed. 

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