Sunday, March 22, 2015

Busy busy busy

So, to continue the previous post (from oodles ago, since I just realized today that this post never actually posted), I went to the doctor today, got antibiotics.  Start them tomorrow, hopefully they cause me to feel better soon, cause God knows I could use getting out of this coughing and rib pain misery.

Took a nap when I got home.  Bad idea.  Apparently I needed the sleep, but now its late and I'm wide awake.  Well, so I started on that guy's shelf order.  Emailed him, because I didn't have two hammocks in the color he wanted, and asked him if he wanted to pick again, or what.  He picked another hammock, I went and looked... and I don't have it.  Ugh.  So I emailed him again.

Well, haven't heard back yet, but let me share just a little part of his email, "Will you be able to mail it tomorrow??"  OMFG.  Seriously?  Let me tell you the #1 way to drive me nuts:  put in a big order, act like your entitled, and continually ask when it's going to ship.  He hasn't even paid yet, so it's not like it could ship even if I finished it right freaking now.  At this point, I'm ready to box it all up, set up a video camera, light the box on fire like a freaking effigy with his name on the shipping label, and hope the smoke somehow forms a hand-shape-flipping-someone-off.  I won't, obviously, because after making all the effort for this order, that would be super counter productive, but I tell you, I work hard to put out these products and people wanting me to rush, even more than I currently do (and the current wait time for orders is SUPER short), just drives me up the wall.

But all that said and done, once I know about the hammock he wants, his order is ready for me to weigh and all and get a final quote for him and get out.  And I will be so happy to be done with it!

Speaking of done, I think I'm like 2-3 toys shy of completing my massive anything-goes order, and I have to sew the hammock that goes with it.  Got a payment in for an order that's been sitting here for awhile (from someone I know who I told could take their time with payment) and then have another one for a porthole house from someone who emailed me... which will also be going out tomorrow.  Both with Santa return address labels, cause hey, I gotta use em up and they're all I have. 

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