Tuesday, March 31, 2015

So, another busy day today

So, I was supposed to have a chin pickup today, but unfortunately, their chin developed loose poos, so that has been postponed.

But I still had a pickup of shelves and supplies, and another pickup of food and dust today.

Emailed two people quotes on shipping for their orders -- one will be sending a money order in the next few days and the other wants to pay by credit card, so I'm waiting for her to call me.  Actually was kind of funny, cause she said she wanted to call with credit card info, and I was all like, "ok, go ahead...." and she's like, "so I need your phone number."  Oh yeah.  Lol.  She never did call today, so watch her call tomorrow while I'm driving.  At least, that's usually how it goes....

All the chins and critters have been fed and watered today, and I cleaned the guinea pig cage. 

Need to package up another food order and load those into the car, for mailing tomorrow sometime.

I'm working on a wooden litterbox for someone, so I cut a few more pieces of that today.  Need to work on that more when I get back, it was getting late.

Also cut up loofah today!!   Yay!!  And I'm still picking it off me, despite the breathing mask, full eye wear, ear plugs, smock.... I hate cutting up loofah.  So I cut it all up.  I think I had 5 or 6 or maybe even 7 large ones.... so of course, since now I'm out, and really that didn't cut up to as many pieces as I would have thought, I have to go order some more.  Had to dig out login and password for the place I get it from, and I did find it, which I am happy about.  Apparently awhile back I had the genius idea to save it in a word doc, cause originally I just had it in an email from way back when... and that would eventually disappear....  Not going to order today, partially cause I don't need it just quite yet, but because I will wait until I'm back and then go through the other items I get from that site, so that I can make a larger order (if needed).  Cause if I don't, next week I'll run out of oatstraw and be like, '"well darn it, I just ordered the loofah..."  But anyway, I did check, and the site does still have the loofah... which is great, because also usually my luck is that the stuff I use gets discontinued. 

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