Wednesday, March 8, 2017

ECBC Nationals and "CB"

So... lots has been going on.  Went to ECBC Nationals over the weekend, the chins got a 2nd and a 3rd -- not bad for the first ECBC show, and Nationals at that!  We took one of our pure x-dark standard females (which is actually to be traded with Jim after MCBA Nationals, for a lighter phase champ standard female) and a pink white male (one of the last babies out of Dillon, our pink white male that took reserve white male at MCBA Nationals a few years back).  Came home, cleaned cages, and went to bed. 

And after being gone 5 days, today the real work starts up again.  So far, I have called up "cage bitch" (as we have taken to calling her, around here).  Cage bitch (CB) is the lady that took off with the cage... but I need to give you some updates!  First, I did finally get an email back from CB, back on the 23rd of February.  She said, oh sorry, she's in the hospital, life has been crazy!  She said she'd mail back the cage that weekend (25th/26th), and she'd give me her credit card number for shipping and use of the cage.  And she asked for my address, and asked if the address on the website is the correct one or not.

Now, I hate to be cynical and disbelieving... but 99% of the reason people cancel appointments is because they're in the hospital (or a relative is, or whatnot), or there's a family emergency.  If I am to believe all of them, I feel there must be a very REAL correlation between scheduling an appointment at NWI and ending up in the hospital / having an emergency come up.  That's how ridiculous that excuse sounds after all these years.  Not to mention... cell phones work in the hospital, and so does email.  So... not an excuse. 

The part about the address -- she CAME to the rescue to adopt.  So... if nothing else, the address should look familiar to her, but why ask for the address or ask if that's the right one?  I think... to delay even further.   Because if she can say that she didn't know where to mail it... well, then she had to wait for me to get back to her before she could mail it, of course! 

So, I emailed her RIGHT BACK and said, yes, address is on the website, but just in case, here it is (and I gave the address) and gave my phone number she could call with the credit card number, and I asked, was she intending for me to mail out her supplies?  Because the way she worded it, she said she'd give me her credit card for shipping and use of the cage.  Shipping of... what?  I would assume supplies, but I wanted to be sure.  And I asked what address she wanted the supplies shipped to (I have an address for her, but that's not always the address people use).

It's now the 7th... 12 days later.  Needless to say, I DO NOT have the cage, I HAVE NOT heard back from CB, I DO NOT have a CC number to ship the supplies... NOTHING.  Which, again, does not surprise me in the slightest.

I called her today (Tuesday).  Cell went straight to voicemail, so I sent her an email as well.  But I told her... I need this cage in another week or two... which again, I thought I would have HAD by now, since she was going to ship it out, almost two weekends ago... and I told her, I need to hear from her, cause I need that cage and need to know what I'm doing about the supplies.  I expect to hear from her... about 10 years after I've died of old age.

BUT... there are good people in the world.  One of our adopters, Dena P., saw our previous blog post and sent us a check for $200 to cover the cost of the new cage and a bit extra so we're able to keep helping out the chins.  Thanks Dena!  (I will still be pestering CB for the original cage back, as we can do double the amount of good with TWO of these cages, and now that she's said she will return it... I fully expect to pester her until she does)

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