Friday, March 31, 2017

Trial Runs

So... quick post on trial runs.  Note, we are not currently doing them, as "Cage Bitch" (as we call her) is still not returning my calls / emails, after saying (middle of February), oh she'll ship out the cage right away.  Very sorry.  Apparently not sorry enough for me to get my cage back.  Or even to bother responding to me.  I have choice words for her, but I'll refrain.

If you've been following, you know that someone else sent us a check for $200 to cover the cost of a new one of these cages, so that we can continue doing trial runs.  Thank you Dena P.  We appreciate your generosity!  The cage has since gone up from $89.99 + $30 shipping to $129.99 with free shipping -- great deal, let me tell you (sarcasm, in case you can't tell), but $200 would cover it, so I went ahead and ordered it.  Not here yet, so trial runs still on hold.

But... that doesn't keep people from asking about them, and we've had an interesting question come up, so I wanted to address that -- the relevant part of the email states... "I was interested in the trial run and the shipping cost."

Ok, so here's the thing.  Trial runs are for local people.  Especially after Cage Bitch, four hours away, still has my like-new, really-expensive-cage, that NO ONE should have had to pay for a new one for us, because we shouldn't have had this problem to begin with.  By local, I don't mean that you have to be 5 minutes from here.... but this has proven, you can't be four hours away either, because I can't go pound on your door (as I'd LOVE to with her) and ask for it back.  How far... that's a post for another day.  But here's the relevant part.. you DO need to be able to DRIVE HERE to pick up the chin and supplies and cage and all that.

As in -- I CANNOT and WILL NOT ship you a chin and cage and supplies for a trial run.  Even if you were somehow willing to pay for it, and somehow willing to pay for return shipping for all the stuff.  Oh hell no.  You see how well that's currently going... nope.  Anyone wanting to do a trial run gets to personally come to the rescue, pick up the chin and supplies, and sign off that you acknowledge that these items are not yours and that you will be sued for their stated value, should they not be returned (which is basically what the trial run form says now, but it's going to have a bit stronger wording when it's shortly revised).  That is all.  No shipping chins for trial runs.  Only shipping chins for people who are 10000% sure they want to adopt.  Got it?  Good.  Have a nice day!

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  1. I would also get copies of the person's state ID so that you have their address should you need it.