Thursday, March 30, 2017


So, tonight I was cutting up loofah... which, if you know me, you that loofah cutting time is one of the most-hated tasks around here, as those little "loofah burrs" (produced by cutting the loofah with the table saw) end up in your hair, down your back, and just about everywhere.  And they ITCH!!  It was late, so because of the noise ordinance, I had to stop cutting at 9 pm, but I got about 12 or so loofahs cut up.  Not horrible, but I would have liked to have cut more.

About halfway through, I thought... ok... how many slices am I getting out of these?  Turns out, most of my loofah (I use 14"), I can get 12-13 slices out of.  If that doesn't seem possibly, because my loofah slices, are NOT, in fact, 1" thick.... I'd tend to agree with you.  Unfortunately, it's too late to go down there and cut another one up... but I think next time I am down there, I am going to measure my slices.  If, in fact, they are really 1" slices (which they can't possibly be), that's my own error and I need to cut thinner.  If, alternatively, I am somehow really getting 13, half-inch, slices out of 14" of loofah (which might be possible... those loofah burrs might account for the wasted loofah)... I need to up the price.  I know, I know, no one's cheering for that... but hear me out.

The loofahs cost me $3.43 each, wholesale.  Doesn't matter how many I buy, that's the cost.  I sell them, four pieces for $1.25.  If I can cut 12 pieces out of a loofah, that means that's three of those sets... which equals out to $3.75.  Pretty sure you can do the math yourself, but I'll share for those less math-inclined... that means, I buy the loofah, ship it in, take off the packaging, cut it on the saw (remember: one of the most-hated tasks), and for every three loofah packs I sell.... the rescue makes a whopping $0.32. 

Yeeeah, totally worth the effort.  Especially when you consider... I have to ship those things to get them here, so if you factor in cost of shipping, I am making literally nothing.

So, I don't know exactly what it's going to go up to... but expect the cost of loofah to go up in the near future.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but there's honestly no sense in even selling an item to purely break even or even lose money. 

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