Tuesday, November 7, 2017

All Animal Expo -- November 4th

Wanted to make a quick post about the expo -- we had a great expo this past weekend, and hopefully the next few will be great as well.  We met some great people, found homes for 5 chinchillas, and stocked up some great people with supplies!

We have a lot of people coming up to the booth wanting to learn more and do their research before bringing home a new pet, which is a nice breath of fresh air!  A few people we talked to had mentioned getting one in the future, and so I passed out my card and directed them to the website with care info, with the thought they will check it out and be better educated by the time they come to adopt.

We had one guy come to the booth and buy one of his friends' chinchillas food, treats, and toys.  If only we had more!  It's funny, because sometimes we end up packing up a ridiculous amount of stuff, and then other times, like for this expo... our entire tray of rosehips / rosebuds / hibiscus sold out, as well as our entire stock of loofah, and much of our apple & oat cookies!  Plus of course we sold 10 pounds of chin chow, various toys, dust, a bale of shavings... good day all around.

And I think this is going well for not just us, but for everyone, because they're able to get the supplies at a reasonable cost, and it's somewhere they can go, set hours (like this expo is usually every other weekend from 10-3).  We had one lady that got a toy and two baggies of munchies, and I believe her total was $8.75 and she's like "that's cheap!"  Well, in comparison to the pet store, where each little baggie is $5+ and some are even more ridiculous... it is decent pricing.  And while we're not getting rich off selling this stuff, it allows pet people to have safe treats and chews, while still helping to care for all the critters.  So, win-win. 

We have two more expos that we're for-sure going to be at, in the upcoming weeks... St. Charles is the 11th and 12th at the Kane County Fairgrounds ($7 admission) and we're back at the All Animal Expo in Wheaton on the 19th ($5 admission).  And don't forget, if you want something brought to the expo, just let me know!  We had someone who messaged the other day, and so we brought him a house and 11 pounds of food, which he picked up (along with some other goodies) at the expo... like in that case, even if it's stuff we won't usually bring (like the houses, which sell like hotcakes... but not at the expos), if I know someone wants to buy it, I can totally bring it with, so just let me know.  Hope to see you at some of these!

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