Thursday, November 2, 2017


Did you notice, we have a ton of hammocks listed?  Let's give a big round of applause to Colette, as she helps us sew our hammocks up in Wisconsin!  She's been working on some new patterns... some of you may have seen the heart hammocks before... not sure if I ever had them up on the website, but we had them here and people bought them right up, so we've got some more of those ready to go.  Also working on fleece tubes, as people have been asking where to get them... still need to work on getting the "tube" itself, but one thing at a time...

There's actually a whopping TWO pages of hammocks on the webstore now... so lots of choices for you to pick from!  We still have some fall-ish themed ones, and got some winter ones in.  Also have a Star Wars hammock, a Lord of the Rings hammock, and more!  Lots of fun stuff! 

Check out the new fun patterns and designs here --> ... and of course, click the little "2" on the right hand side, to see page 2 

New beds for the furballs!

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