Sunday, November 5, 2017

Updates -- Sprite

Someone asked me the other day if I ever receive updates on how the chins are doing, or if I'd like to.  Well sure!  It's always nice to see pics and hear that the furballs are doing well!... or whatever the case may be. 

Sprite was a chinchilla we had at the rescue back in 2010.  I remember that she was adopted our from my parents' house in Munster in the fall of 2011.  Sprite had cataracts and we believed that she was almost fully blind, but she got around just fine.  She was an on-again, off-again fur chewer.  She as adopted out into a great family with another chinchilla, Spark. 

This is Sprite:

From left to right: Amber (grey), Moki (beige), Sprite (grey)

And here was Sprite and Spark, at their new home:

We got an update a few years ago that Spark had passed.  Earlier this week, we got another email that Sprite had passed.  She was 16 years old. 

While of course happy updates (on how wonderful the chins are doing) are always nice, in reality... sometimes I think back and I'll wonder what ever happened to a certain chinchilla.  In this case, I know she had a great life and lived to a ripe old age, spoiled as she should be, and I know what happened to her.  In other cases, I don't know... so, any updates are always appreciated.  RIP Sprite.

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