Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cage Prices.

This will be very short as its very simple - every place that I have cages listed, on every picture, it says the cage number and a price. That price does not change because you call/text and ask what the price is. The price is what it says on the picture.

I'm not willing to halve it because you need it yesterday and can only afford $20. Maybe you should have waited to buy the pet until you had enough money for the cage you want?  That cage is $115 at the pet store, I hardly think $40 for a like-new one is horribly too much.  Not my fault that you never learned patience cause your parents gave into every tantrum by buying what you wanted when you wanted it. I'm not them. Whine all you want that my prices are too high, be like the person this morning and throw a hissy fit. I really don't care.  I'm not halving them. They can stay here til they sell.

That is all.

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