Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rochelle update

So, as many people know, Rochelle went home over the Nationals weekend.  But I got a call today from her previous owners.

They wanted to say thank you for rehoming her and raising the money to save her leg.  And then asked me to never contact them again.  I told them, I just had emailed them to let them know that she had found a good home.  I can't imagine what else they think I would want to say in the future.

Then they went on to yell at me about how horrible I was for posting all those "horrible things about them."  I told them, I posted that they didn't want to pay the vet bills -- true.  I posted that they left the chin for a week to suffer because they thought it'd get better, even though the condition worsened by the day -- true.  I posted that they wanted the chin back after I spent money "fixing" her -- true.

Horrible things?  Sure, I guess, but they're all.... TRUE.  They went on to tell me how they've had chins for years -- and somehow this is supposed to excuse them from paying a vet bill? -- and how I didn't know the whole story.  That's true, I have no idea what else is going on in their lives, but the truth is the truth -- don't like it?  Tough shit.  They did it.  If they didn't want me to post about how they neglected their chin for a week, and then asked a rescue to take it in, treat it, and give it back to them -- then they shouldn't have told me all of that.  Because it'd be one thing if I made them out to be something they're not, but all I did was tell the truth.  Apparently they don't like the truth -- but it's what they did!  Not my fault if they can't face the truth of what they did.  I don't deserve to be treated this way because of that.

I think the part that still gets me most about all of this is that they wanted me to treat it and give it back.  Um, excuse me?  With a pet comes financial responsibility.  This is not a 5 year old where mommy and daddy pay for the vet care and the pet stays here under the kid's care.  These are grown people who wanted someone else to take financial responsibility for their pet.  What were they going to do, call me up the next time something happened? and I'd treat it again and give it back?  I mean come on.  With a pet comes responsibility.

The best part is that they said they saw how I raised the money and all that, and they saw my website and my blog, and it was through all of that that they saw "all the horrible things I wrote about them."  They said they understood that I have to say what I have to say to raise the money -- but it's not like I was lying!  I just explained the situation, the truth, as I saw it.  I really don't care if they read this about them.  I do not feel it is right for someone to call up me and yell at me after taking in their chin, treating its injuries, finding it a home -- and they don't like cause I told the truth about them?  Well, shit, they wanted to be portrayed in a better light, maybe they should have brought the chin here the first day instead of waiting a week until all the fur'd fallen out, the leg was swelled to 3x the size, and infection had set in.   Better yet, maybe they should have taken responsibility for the pet they decided to own (it didn't ask to be owned by them), and took it to the vet themselves.  Sorry, just telling the truth....I can't help if they'd rather me sugarcoat it. 


  1. people like that should not have any pets at all.

  2. Replies
    1. I am so proud to have Rochelle. She is very happy here, and we will take good care of her. What unbelievable people who have the nerve to neglect an animal like they did and expect another chance after you fixed her. Saddest part is, we probably will never know the full story of what happened to her and what horrors she may have been through. She is a very forgiving animal. She acts as if her entire life has been a gift rather than the torture it was until you saved her Ashley....