Friday, March 1, 2013

Quick post

Ok, so this is gonna be quick, cause I have to be up in just a few hours.  So, last few days have been mildly eventful.  Had someone come and adopt a female rat.  Tried to get them to adopt two, not just cause I want two gone, but because, really, rats are social and you should have two.  That didn't happen though.  The mom said about how it'd be more food and cleaning and all.  Really?  It's a rat.  How dirty can it get?  And how much can it eat?  Though, in all fairness  to them, the other day I came home from a supply run with 250 pounds of chin chow, 50 lbs hay cubes, and 20 lbs apple/oat cookies, so I guess to me, what two rats eat is really inconsequential compared with what all the chins eat. 

Moving on, today we had a couple come over.  They bought Jim's critter nation and he referred them to us to get some more rats.  So thank you Jim.  So they adopted two boys, that will be spoiled to no end.  Seemed very nice.

I've had a lot of emails about the rats, even someone who was talking about wanting to adopt 3 and wanting to come by on Sunday, but it seems like I email these people back and then never hear back.  Ah well.

So, that person who had the 12 week (now 17 week) chin on hold never did email me back.  Surprise.  So I went through my wanting chins folder and emailed the person who'd wanted to know if the original person backed out.  Let em know they have 5 days to get back to me, if they don't, the chin's going up for adoption to the general public.

Packaged up some orders today and worked on some as well.   I marked down 5 days from when I emailed the people asking them to pick an egg - if they haven't emailed back/picked by then, their order is going out egg-less.  Sorry, but I can't wait forever, and I know you all want your orders reasonably quick.

I was supposed to have some people come and pick up Lucy today, but they ended up saying they wanted to come on a day when the weather is nicer and not so windy cause they don't want her to get chilled/sick.  So that didn't happen yet, but they will be coming eventually.  Was really hoping she would go today, only because I could clear off the table she's on, and make it back into my work-in-progress-table, but in all reality, I can move her to another table and clear it off, so no biggie.  She'll go home soon enough.  :)

Tomorrow, I have David's pickup, and also have lunch with Amber.  And on my return trip to the house, I need to pick up wood and rubberbands (the big ones -- to hold the houses together while they dry).  Will be having paid help come by tomorrow and Sunday to knock out some really big projects that have been on the back burner since forever, and hopefully catch the rescue back up to where it needs to be.

Took all the fleece to the laundromat today.  And by all, I mean, like all the FNs and CN and guinea pig cage and all actually have the shredded paper bedding in them, no liners, cause they are all clean!  Yay.  I need to pick up some totes to store the clean liners in, but that's for another day. Maybe for tomorrow between all the other stuff I need to accomplish.  We'll see.

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