Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mostly Uneventful Day

So, not much going on today.  No one stopped by for anything, so I was just working on various things.  Worked on some orders.

This one cage has been on hold since January 11th.  Notice, it's March now.  So, we set days for them to come here and pick it up, they canceled, re-set days, canceled, and so on so forth.  This week I got an email from them asking about shipping the cage.  Well, I said I thought it'd be around $25-30 to ship.  So they said that'd be fine, and I said I would take apart the cage and pack it up.  Well, turns out the only box I had that would fit the cage was like significantly bigger than the cage itself.  Well, it fit the cage, but it really did take up most of the box, because it's practically impossible to re-pack the cages in the box the way they originally came.  So, the box was roughly 44" x 26" x 11" -- BIG.  Weighed 24 pounds.  Turned out it would cost $63 to ship -- well, the cage is only $60.  I sent an email with this information, and letting them know I could have a new one to them straight from my supplier for $100.  I imagine that's still more than they'd want to pay, but this is why I rarely ship cages -- cause even the light ones cost such ridiculous amounts, it's a waste of my time.  Cause I feel like there's no way, short of a miracle, that these people are going to ship this cage for $63.  Since they already said they don't have time to come get it, that means that they're likely not going to get it -- so I'll have to unpack the entire thing, re-put it together, etc etc.  Pain in the butt. 

Moving onto the next order -- the one with the 36" shelf -- got that cut today, and packaged that up.  When the person originally purchased their items, the total was around $93.  Well, $50 of that was shipping, which I'd told them, the excess would be refunded (which is the case for anything that gets shipped).  Well, in the meantime, they added so many things to their order that their total ended up being $60-something, and with shipping being in the high $20's, their total actually adds up to $93 now.  I emailed them to let them know and to get the okay to mail this out -- course, at this point, I would not be happy if they decide they don't want the stuff, as everything is all packaged up nicely.

Had someone wanting a mixture of several of the herb treats in a sandwich baggie, so I mixed that up, got them the food they want.  They should be stopping over tomorrow if everything goes good.

Spent a good amount of time taking the cages that we cleaned over the weekend and going over them and writing down dimensions, cost, all that.  Taking pictures.  Now to just put them on the website (tomorrow). 

Cleaned up even more at the rescue, organizing things.  Found a paper bag FULL of hammocks (as if I needed more), put those in the tote with the rest of the hammocks.

The fridge is still defrosting.  Will be so happy once that's done, so I can put the veggies back in there. 

Rescheduled Apollo & Chunk's pickup for Friday.  Got a text and email (same person) about the rabbit hutch, they're supposed to come in the morning.  We will see if they do. 

Have some drama going on in the chin world.  Apparently I was "not nice" to some people at the last show, and they felt the need to whine about it to one of my friends....who was nice enough to share what was said.  There's more to it than that, but I'm not going to stoop to the level of this person.  I know what I did and didn't do, Meredith was there and could vouch that I was not "not nice" to the two people in question, so I know it's not just me making it up inside my head.  I know when I'm being an ass, or even when I'm just crabby and treating others worse than I should be.  Neither were the case that day.  I know it, I know this person's just making up bullshit, and I'm not stooping to their level.  And that's that.

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