Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Same ol' same ol'

So, I believe our beige female (pedigreed) is going to be going home tomorrow evening.  Going home to a one level FN, and the guy says he's looking into a wheel, so she will be spoiled beyond belief.  Sounds like a very good home.

Also have someone coming to look at the rats on Thursday.  Supposed to have someone call tomorrow about coming tomorrow to look at them as well.  We will see how that plays out.

Tonight in the capstone class, we presented out presentation, and I had someone ask me if I had any hedgehogs for adoption.  Now, that's an animal I've never gotten in. 

So, was going through emails, and came across the email from the person who wants to get the 12 week old male.  Which is more like going on 4-5 month old male at this point.  Anyway, her last email to me was on the 16th, which said that her car would be fixed soon and she would let me know.  I looked up when I emailed her next, which was the 20th.  As she has not responded yet, I emailed her today letting her know she has two days to get back to me.  As she is the one that has had this chin on hold for a month+ at this point, I also told her that even if she does get back to me by Wednesday night, she only has until the following Wednesday to come pick up the chin.  I told her (nicely, I swear) that I find it hard to believe that her car hasn't worked since the 9th and still isn't working.  If that's the case, I would find it difficult to think that she doesn't have a job, school, something where she has to leave the house and either gets someone to drive her or borrows a car.  I told her, in either instance, I feel like she could use the same way she's currently getting around (supposedly without her own car) to come pick up this chin.  I nicely told her that if she does end up going to another rescue, she will not find another this lenient regarding putting pets on hold.  I informed her that most rescues/breeders will not even put an animal on hold without a deposit, and that even with a deposit, they would balk against holding the animal for any significant period of time, as for ALL rescues, that means we have a chin ready to leave that's taking up a cage we could be using for other animals.

I told her that if she's decided against the chin, that's fine, just let me know.  No reason to drag this out.  I will find it interesting if I do hear from her, but generally, when I send out these 2 day notice emails, I don't hear back.  We will see.

In the event I don't hear back, I did have someone email the other day asking about this chin, and I would be able to email them and see if they are interested.  I'm not sure whether they would be, as they simply saw the ad for the 12 week old male, which he is no longer that young, and also, they have not yet completed any forms or anything, so it's very possible he may simply have to be listed again.  Which is fine, just frustrating.

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