Sunday, February 3, 2013

Slow day

So.... today might have been productive, had I gotten up earlier.  But as that didn't happen.... productiveness can only be so much when there's only a few hours before it's already "morning" again.

But in those few hours, I got stuff done for my capstone class, I fed/watered/photo'd some of the newer arrivals at the rescue.  The rabbits got their photos taken and an ad put up, the guinea pig babies got their pics taken and an ad put up.  The baby rats... I took their pictures, and Jim I swear you'll have them... just not today. 

Took down and re-put-up all the ads.  Edited Dash's ad, as he's got some cage aggression going on, and took down the sale for January.  Edited Joey's ad to read that he is litter trained.  Changed the website to read that we are taking in chinchillas, but nothing else at the moment, as the other cages are still full (or, in the case of the rats, will be full once they're out of the tank). 

Changed the flat-rate shipping prices on the items that go flat rate in the webstore.  Also need to bump up shipping a tad on each item (because for many of the items, especially the hammocks, the set shipping price barely covers shipping em... before shipping was raised), but that's for another day.
The person supposed to come for the cage tomorrow cancelled, so I think she's going to be coming next weekend.

Glued the bottom to a custom house, and rubberbanded it on.  Need to cut the two extra pieces to glue on as well, but that will be tomorrow likely.

Got another order for a custom house, the person wants other stuff too, so currently waiting on their other stuff order, maybe will get cracking on the house tomorrow.

Got an order for two cuddlebuddies, and noticed another order from a few days ago for a corner shelf.  Almost out of those, I wish the weather would get a tad nicer cause I would rather pick them up on a day I won't freeze my hands from the car to the store.

Took the items that Mara sent as a donation and took a pic of them all together (for use on the donations page).  Didn't do anything with that pic (just like the baby rats pic), but now that I have the picture taken, when I sit down again I can open it up and re-size it and get it on the page.  Lots of good stuff, it's from at least a week ago, from the Twilight event.  I never saw it for sale, so when I got a BIG box in the mail, and knew I hadn't ordered my 50 lbs of guinea pig food yet, I was like... what did I forget I ordered?  But really, it was Mara's donation, she got me a huge blue pigloo.  Will match my big pig cage.  Also got a litter box, some hanging chew toys, a ferret hammock (can use for rats once they tear through the current one), uh... I dunno, good stuff.  Will have the pic sooner or later.

I ordered the valentines day package from ChinchillaCity, it was like a mug with some chin chews in it and I ordered some more magnets from them for the rescue fridge.   I'm such a sucker lol, I swear, it's like you want me to order from you?  Put up a cute chinchilla magnet with some saying or something and I'll find other stuff of yours that I want, cause I can't order just a magnet.  Lol.  But now I have a second chinchilla mug - yay. 

Let's see, what else.  Fed the bun buns and pigs.  They eat so much quicker than the chins. 

Oh!  Had a thought today (I know, amazing).  No, but really.  So, for my store that I'm going to open one day, I was working out the cost of things to get to our financial person, and we had settled on FN's for most of our cages and then some of these other cages that would work for most other small animals like rats, mice, gerbils, etc.  Anyway, point being... I was talking to someone about selling my extra FNs/CN that are not being used....and I had this moment of clarity that if I sell them now, I'll just end up having to re-buy them later.  So I may as well hang onto them.  Cause I think I have two FNs and a CN in the back of all the cages for sale.  So, if anyone was really hoping I'd put them up for sale.... ya might be outta luck there. 

Ok, so I think that's pretty much it.  Wasn't downstairs a ton, spent most of the time today on the computer responding to emails about chins/products and re-doing the ads.  And someone asked why the ads are re-done every month -- it's not that I sit down and re-write them.  No, for every animal, there's an ad written up and saved in a word doc in that animal's folder.  So, when the next month comes, I can take down the ad, open up the word file, select all (assuming I don't need to make changes), and paste into the ad.  The reason is that when I used to let ads just run until the animals would get adopted, it would take much longer for them to get adopted.  And I'd have people say, well, they saw the ad was posted in August, and it's now February, so they really don't know if they should even bother emailing, because the pet was probably sold.  Now, for me, if I really had an ad up that long, the pet would literally still be here at the rescue, but to avoid that problem, I repost the ads every month, so it looks like a fresh ad.  And I kid you not, I more inquiries closer to the date the ad's reposted versus the rest of the month, when a lot of emails start, "do you still have the critter for sale?"

Ok, so it's like 5 to 5 (am) and I have someone showing up at noon.  Gonna get off here now and hope I accomplish more tomorrow.

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