Friday, February 8, 2013

Cleaning day

So, today was cleaning day.  Friday's trash day, which kind of automatically makes Thursdays cleaning day, unless I have someone coming to help clean at some other point in the week.  And it seems like it'd been awhile since I cleaned cages, so David (gp) got a clean cage, the stacked guinea pig cages were cleaned, the rabbit and other guinea pig cages were cleaned, Joey's litter box was emptied, Dash got a clean cage, and Rochelle, Lucy, all the FN chins and the run chins now have clean cages.  I think the only cage I didn't clean was the one that has Keeper and Melon in it, because I feel like we just cleaned that one, and they're still on shavings, so that will last longer than the paper.  Got just about everyone else cleaned though.  Need to take the liners to be washed, but for today, everything was just vacuumed up.

Worked on some more orders today.  Emailed one person once I weighed their order and determined shipping ($13.25 on a $12 order).  Will see if I hear back from them.  Added bolts into two of the hidey houses on order, took off the rubberbands on a chinny mobile, and put together most of the chinny motorhome that's sitting around.  Still need to put the wheels on that, but that's for another day.  It can't all be done at once, not with trying to support all the various parts that need to stay in place.

Glued together the birthday cake, and finished piecing together the litterbox.  Had to glue two blocks of wood onto the back of the litterbox in order to make it lay flush against the bars.  Need to drill through those for the bolts, but need to wait for that to dry before drilling through them.

Had someone email about wanting to adopt David, so they got the adoption form and all that.  Had several people email about adopting the baby rabbits, even though it says on the website (and, they all did notice this) that they are on hold.  So in the event those people fall through, I have like 4 homes lined up for the rabbits.  So, I got an email from those people with their list of what they wanted, no cage on the list.  Which is fine, but I don't want them to get here and wonder why I don't have a cage ready, so I emailed them just to check, one way or another, if they want the cage or not.  I have another cage I can put the guinea pigs in, but I don't want to scrub a cage in a rush if they don't want it, when I can just do it leisurely when I get a chance.  So we will see when I get an email back.

Either way... once the rabbits go home, one of the other critters can be moved into their cage, effectively freeing up one of the cages to clean and sell.  I just have enough to do with orders and such that I don't want to have to rush to clean and scrub a cage if it can wait a bit.

Oh and we had someone, well, several people call today about cages.  The one came by and liked the degu cage that we had with all the accessories in it, so they bought that.  Donated $10 to the rescue, which was awesome.  Had someone call about a hamster cage, I called them back to say we still had it, they said they will call back tomorrow, so we will see.  Had someone else email about liking one of the cages on the site and said they will call in the morning.  We'll see if they do. 

Need to buy some more wood, corner shelves, and washers.  Maybe will do that tomorrow if I get a chance.  Have a cage/supply pickup scheduled for Saturday, and have several people scheduled for Sunday.  Have the person scheduled to pick up the rabbits, two people scheduled to pick up chins (the two "baby" chins), and that may be it.  Once the female baby chin at the bottom of the CN goes home, Rochelle can go into that cage until she's ready to go.  Which will actually be good, for her, as she's so active in her cage that she's going to knock it off the table she's on.  She literally moves the entire cage like 8-10 inches in a few hours, so I have to keep pushing her cage back to the back of the table, and by the time I make it downstairs, it's considerably farther toward the front of the table.  So she could use some stability in terms of a cage that can't move so much.  And I could use her not digging all of the bedding out of her cage every morning, lol. 

I think that's it for today.

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