Saturday, February 23, 2013

Latest happenings

So, been busy lately with orders and rescues.  Got a call earlier in the week from someone wanting to drop off some guinea pigs, they said they wanted to come by Friday.  I was out at Tractor Supply when she called, so I asked her if she could call on Friday about what time to pick up (because I didn't have my planner with me and wasn't heading home quite yet).  So she actually called yesterday (which I can't say always happens when someone says they'll call later) and of course I wasn't home then either, but I asked her to stop by at 4ish.  Rushed to pick up my scroll saw and went home. 

She came by, dropped off a male American guinea pig named Baby.  He's a cream and white male.  Apparently the people got two guinea pigs from their friends, who thought they were both females.... until the one gained weight and delivered some baby guinea pigs.  So they rehomed the male baby and I guess they didn't think rehoming the dad would be as easy as a 3 week old baby, so they brought him here. 

The little girl was crying about leaving her guinea pig, the mom told me that she didn't think anyone would love her like she did because of his eye problem.  So, not noticing anything wrong myself (during the short time I saw him when he was put in his cage), I asked what was wrong.  They said his one eye was smaller and had a red ring around it.  So, when I got back inside, I looked at him -- he's fine.  On one side, his eye is on a cream patch -- so the skin around his eye is black.  That makes his eye on that side look bigger.  On the other side, his eye is on a white patch, so the skin is pink there (instead of black).  So the eye is more visibly red on that side, with the pink/red around it.  That's how it is just because of the pigment in the skin around his eyes.  Not like a defect or anything.  But I told the kid that we have plenty of special needs pets and they all eventually get adopted and people love them just the same and she asked me to tell Baby that she loved him, so I did.  So now we have Baby here.

Nikki (our pedigreed female that was attacked) has been moved upstairs.  That's like the ultimate spoilage for sick/injured critters, as the rescue is in the basement.  She has decided to not eat.  But she is still drinking and munching on some hay.  She gets Shiloh's expo cage cause that's about the only one that comes upstairs.


I decided she needed a pillow and gave her one.  She gave me the stinkeye.

Been feeding her a mix of critical care and lifeline, which she's been slurping up.  The scabs on her face and nose seem to have fallen off and her skin is only red where they were.  His back is looking a tad better.  I didn't get a photo of it, but you can tell where the new skin is coming in.  Her ears are looking a tad bit better.  She was slightly wheezing earlier yesterday, today she seemed to be better.  She's already on antibiotics, but if the wheezing starts up again, I'm going to add baytril to the mix.  But fingers crossed that she doesn't start wheezing again. 

Despite the way she look now, this IS a pretty chin.  Here's the picture from when I got her:

Had someone call today about the rat babies.  Wanted to come Monday, but I have my presentation Monday night, so I need the day to prepare, so they said they will call Tuesday.  Hopefully they will.

I believe I also have someone coming to do a trial run with a chin tomorrow.  Need to get ready for that in the morning.

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