Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chins eating Snicker bars & more

So, today, got a call from the lady who called a few days ago.  Very nice lady, she said she was in her 80's and could no longer care for her chin the way he needed to be cared for.  Said he'd gotten a bit unsocialized and would need to be worked with, which I said is fine.  It's not a rescue if you only take in perfect adoptable chins, some tend to have issues.  Well, she was out in the Fort Wayne area and asked if I knew of a rescue closer to her, which I don't, I'm pretty sure this is the only rescue in Indiana, but I told her I might have someone who could drive out her way and asked if I could give him her number if he could.  She said I could, so I emailed Jim (the retired Jim that brings over cages) and asked if he could make it out her direction, and so he's apparently going to get the chin tomorrow.

So, little bout the chin.  It's name is Scooby Doo, and his owner seemed really nice, she wanted to make sure that he'd go to a good home, so I told her how we have the care packet and adoption form and it makes sure that people know how to adequately care for chins and all.  So she asked if she could send over some of the chin food with the chin and I told her, she could send whatever she wanted with the chin.  And she asked something about likes and dislikes, and I told her that I would send Jim over with two forms she'd need to fill out, and the one has a spot for likes and dislikes.  And so she tells me, get this, that her chin really likes potato chips and popcorn, and he's got a sweet tooth, he really likes Snickers bars.  I was tempted to ask, does he like beer too?  I think this chin might be a relative of the popcorn, potato chip, and chocolate-eating, beer-drinking chin I picked up in Hammond a few years back.  But anyway, I forced myself to smile and say, oh, interesting, or something along those lines.  She's giving it up, no sense in upsetting her. 

So then, I had someone coming today to pick up some plastic shelves for a cage, and I thought I recognized the name on the email, but the few times that I ask people if they're related to so and so, they never are, so I just thought I'd leave it alone.  Until the person asked if I'd ever taken piano lessons from this one lady.  So it turns out, this person was the son of the lady who used to teach me piano.  Like way back when, before I was ever even in high school, so years years ago.  So he stopped by today, didn't look any different than I remembered him, got some shelves, wanted to get some treats too, so he ended up getting a bag of rosebuds.  Wanted one of our fourth of july toys, and I thought we had one left, but it turns out I must have sold the last one, so he ended up going home with a christmas toy (same thing, but the blocks were green & red instead of red & blue).  He asked me about raisins, and I told him once in a blue moon would be ok, but not daily.  And asked about food, he said it was in a yellow bag but he couldn't think of the brand.  This is how you know you've been into an animal too long -- I asked him if it was Sunseed.  And it was.  It's amazing, because that's not even a brand that's good, but I guess, you get in the crappy food with the chins enough and the colors stick with you.  Anyway, so he asked what I thought of it, and I told him, off the top of my head, it's not a great one, but I can't picture like every food out there, ya know, like I asked if it was just pellets or if it had the little extras in it.  And he said it had the extras in it, so I told him, I personally would feed something else.  So he asked what I fed, and I told him about Mazuri and he asked how much it was and ended up getting 5 pounds of it.  He asked if that's what I fed all my chins and I said that I did, and that sometimes they're a bit stubborn but eventually they all switch to it when they get hungry.  So that was good, got another chin on good food, some good treats.  Gave him a sample of the rosehips, hawthorn berries, jasmine flowers, calendula, apple & oat cookies, so he could try all that out and see what his chin thought.

Which reminds me.  I did get in all the new herbs and stuff I ordered, the last thing (globe flowers) came in today from China.  Need to figure out prices and such, but I still have some big orders I'm working on, so that hasn't happened quite yet.

Shipped out a few packages.  One I had the shipping right on, another got a refund of $2-something (a multi-item order, those usually end up with some shipping refunded), and the third... lost out on like $3 of shipping.  Which is actually good, like, not really, but good in the sense that now that I know that, I can go into the webstore and change the set shipping price on that item.

Had someone call on the degus today.  They went home yesterday, which was a good reminder that I hadn't taken their ad down yet, so I did that.  Had someone call about the mini rex rabbits, which are on hold.  They said they saw it on the NWI Chins website.... tempted to say, did you not notice the red writing that says they're on hold?  But I guess they didn't.  Anyway, they hung up before I had a chance to ask them if they wanted me to let them know if the other person backed out.  Guess not.  Had a few people email about the baby g-pigs today, emailed those back.

So I think that's it.  Will see about getting in Scooby Doo tomorrow and see what shape he's really in, with his eating the Snickers bars and all, and will hopefully get some more work done on orders tomorrow.  Also hoping to get prices up for those new products but haven't gotten that far yet.

Oh, but I DID take some pictures and write up basic descriptions for a ton more of the "gently used items," yesterday, so I just need to bring the camera up and put those on the website when I get a chance.

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  1. I'm going to be laughing for two days at the image of a little old lady feeding her chinchilla Snickers bars, as godawful wrong as it is. Hope you can get Scooby back in shape!