Thursday, April 4, 2013

Latest Happenings and Daisy Girl Scouts at the Rescue

So, I know I haven't written lately, but it's already late and I need to be up in 5 hours, so this will be quick.  But I do want to update.

A lot of rescues have gone home recently.  Joker found a new home, she is now named Peanut Butter.  As did Nylah and Snowball, the mini rex rabbits that went to their new homes.  Gulliver and Chunky (chinchillas) went home, as did Dash (the cage-aggressive black variegated rat).   Who-hoo good days.

Jim managed to more-than-double my rat total, by adding 11 rats to the rescue, making my total in the mid-20's, before I told him he needed to wait until I adopted some out, before he showed up with any more.  Nice, friendly rats, so I really can't complain, but I need to work  better on sticking to not bringing new animals in if the cages are already full.

Got in two other rescues -- when I was living in Indy, I got a phone call from the Hobart Humane Society about two chinchillas they'd gotten in.  I drove up here to pick up the chins, and back down to Indy to work later in the day.  Those chin were adopted out in Indy.  Well, turns out the person who adopted one of them just had a baby 5 weeks ago, and felt the animals weren't getting enough attention and she didn't have time for them anymore.  So we got our chin back, who is now 8 years old, and we also got their rabbit in, who is also 8 years old.  He's a very sweet dwarf angora rabbit named Albie, who is definitely showing his age.  I do believe his owner stated that she knew about clipping nails, yet I clipped off severely curled nails today on Albie, so that had been left a bit too long.  His fur looks like it has seen better days, and I think we need to work out some mats, but mainly I think it's just, well, cause he's old.  Rabbits only live 8-10 years, so he's already up there in years.  He's just not gonna look like a spry spring bunny.  But he is sweet.  He'll be a good boy.  Now, just to find a home that wants a pet that's not going to live more than another 2 years at best.

He came in with an ok rabbit food, which I mixed with our rabbit food, and transferred him to our ginormous rabbit cage.  He took a bit of time to figure out how to get on the shelf, and I stayed with him to check he could get up there before leaving him without access to his food.  But he did figure it out on his own.  He came with a ton of cheerios and some of those berry flavored yogurt drops.  Which aren't nearly as bad for rabbits as they are for chins, but I wouldn't particularly recommend them... that said... he's 8.  So he can  have them, one every other day until they're gone (which won't be very long).  And of course the cheerios are fine.

So today, we had the Daisy girl scouts come over.  We talked with them about the responsibility of owning a pet, and went over the various types of animals that we have here and how they are cared for.  Did the pictures like last time, with all the kids holding the pets.  Winx was tolerant, as usual, as was Albie (rabbit) and Amy (rat).  The kids made a TON of goodie bags, we are going to be set for quite some time.  Actually went through a ton of supplies, but I was ready this time.  I'd cut up a ton of tubes so I had a whole huge bag full of the cardboard bagels, and then for the other supplies, I'd set the extras out, so there would be no hunting for them when we ran out.  And then for some of the ones I was low on, like the shredded wheat and oats, I went and bought some extras, which we ended up needing.  It went really well.  I think the kids enjoyed helping out and they definitely liked being able to hold and get pictures with the pets.  And definitely good for the rescue... I set out a box of 100 ziploc bags (again, better prepared than last time, where I had two 20-count boxes)... it's gotta be at least half gone now.  It's awesome I will have goodie bags for a long time.

Mildly amusing -- back when I got the last hay cubes, I got the bag of mini hay cubes as TSC was out of the regular size (and it's too far away -- with the exception of the summer when we go to the St. John's farmer's market every week -- to go there and not come back with something).  Well the little ones are so darn tiny that I was hoping to not run out of muncher's delights toys until I'd used up the 40 pounds of hay cubes.  Well, usually a bag of hay cubes lasts months upon I rarely buy more than 2 bags per year.  I looked back in the blog... I blogged about getting the hay cubes "the other day" on March 1st... and we used all but the last few of them today.  I don't know where they went!  Lol.  I didn't make any toys with them, we definitely used maybe 8-10 pounds today, but I have no idea where the other 22-30 pounds went!  Lol.  They are an included item on our chin care pack and chin value pack on the webstore, but I only sell a few of those a year, so that wouldn't account for that many pounds.  But somehow they got used up, and I didn't even have to try to make toys with the mini cubes.  Yay.  On the downside... I just made the trip all the way out to TSC a month ago!  Lol.  Still only getting one bag when I go, as I'm sure wherever they went will slow down and I'll have the next bag for like 6 months.  Not to mention, 50 pounds of hay cubes does take up storage space that is limited.

One last thing, then I'm going -- had another person ask for loofah, so I ordered several of those, and I also ordered whole hibiscus petals.  If it's halfway decent that will likely replace the hibiscus c/s that we have, as it's mildly hard to feed something that tiny, short of sprinkling it on petals or offering it cupped in your hand.  I need to check prices though and see that I'm not paying like triple for the regular, as it's from a different company than I usually use.  But we will see.  The loofah will be available... ah... when it gets here.  I have never ordered from this company before, so we will have to see how long it takes.  The other company has the stuff on my doorstep by the like the second day (so fast that I'm always like... I just placed the order did they get it together and out so fast?), but we will see how this one does (my usual company only has the c/s hibiscus, but since I was already ordering loofah from the other one, I figured I might as well order the whole hibiscus petals to try).

So that's it.  We're (me and Meredith) are going to the Ritterspach, Ryersons, and Hummel chinchilla ranches over the next few days, to pick up some holding cages and tour ranches, so the 7ish pending orders sitting in my inbox... will remain pending til Saturday.  If yours is one of those, please be patient.

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