Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Items and Animals on Hold -- Policy Enforcement Starts Today

So, I have been super lenient in the past, regarding holding items/cages/animals/whatever, but this is where it stops.  This day has been coming for awhile now.

I have said, I don't know how many times, that for anything to be on hold for more than 2 weeks, I require either prepayment or a deposit (in the case of an animal).  I have been pretty bad about enforcing that, because I never want to feel like the bad guy.  But you know what?  People walk all over and take advantage.  So that ends today.

The latest case in point is some water bottles and mouse balls that have been on hold.  They were originally on hold starting the middle of March, and they had asked if I could wait til the 1st for payment (this was after I figured out a shipping quote for them).  I said sure, as I sometimes put items on hold for people knowing they will pay usually when they get their next paycheck.  This hasn't come to bite me too much, usually people pay.  Well, the 1st came and went, and she said something about her check hadn't cleared the bank yet.  Few more days, still hasn't cleared the bank.  Few more days, the bank is having issues with her check.  So she asks me to wait until the 23rd.  Stupid me, I said sure.  Few days later.... well, she's a friend of a friend, and my friend saw her post on facebook that she's had her check for awhile and went and got a tattoo among other things she bought on a shopping spree.  So, she had the money to pay for a tattoo, but not for a $12.50 order (including shipping)?

But, I had told her I'd give her til the 23rd, and so I did.  She emailed me on the 22nd saying she would pay me tomorrow (the 23rd).  Well, today was the 23rd, and no paypal emails, no texts on my phone saying I'd received a payment, nothing.  So I emailed her, telling her usually I only hold items for two weeks, she's had the items on hold for a month, that there are other people asking about the items (which there are), and that I would give her until tomorrow night to pay for the items.  She told me, "Sorry ash haven't been able to email my grandma is really sick and I won't have the money for them because I bought her medicines."  I hate to call bullshit on anyone, but sometimes, they deserve it. 

....and I was right with the bullshit call.  I contacted my friend, and this is what I got -- "well part of its true and part of its not. her grandma is sick and had trouble getting her meds BUT [the girl -- name removed] did NOT pay for them. she told me yesterday when i saw her that she only had $10 to her name and she spent that on pizza last night. if i were you, i wouldnt hold jack shit for her and never do business with her ever again."

So, I contacted the person who was interested in the water bottles, letting them know they'd become available again.

But see, this is why I'm less trusting of people.  From now on, holds for anything, are 2 weeks.  That's 14 days.  So, there will be no more, oh, it's 16 days, I can let that slide.  No, if it's going to be anything more than 14 days and if they want more than that, I need $50 or 50% deposit (whichever is higher), for a chinchilla, and full payment for any other animal.  For items, it'll have to be some form of deposit.  Half payment or more sounds good to me. 

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