Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another Busy Day at the Rescue

So, yesterday was another busy day.  Got the wood cut to finish most of the hidey houses, and put together the remaining two that I still had in pieces.  Got those all glued and rubberbanded, and tonight they will be set and ready to be put aside.

Made more of the muncher's delight toys -- now there's an entire bag of them on the side. 

Started putting together some orders, and emailed people totals for the orders that I'm waiting for payment on. 

Weighed all the chins, everyone looks good.  Winx even gained 10 grams. 

Made some of the pinesical toys.  I made like 3 -- they're not popular, but it never fails that I don't have one on hand when someone wants one, so since I was already making toys, made 3 of those.

Dyed some wood pieces red and blue for the 4th of july/memorial day toy.  Also dyed some wood pieces black, in anticipation of the halloween toy that will be debuting later this year.  Had Sumera's "paint it black" playing in my head, lol. 

And just some general clean-up and putting things away at the rescue.  The table that is used for orders and for temporary placement of things that need to be put away is marginally more clean than it was before I started organizing. 

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