Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Shiloh and Winx's vet visit, Chicago Pet Shows, and more

So, Shiloh and Winx went to the vet today.  Shiloh looked good, they said to continue the CC mixture until he's eating more on his own, and continue the metacam for another week-ish.

Dr. Clarkson looked in Winx's mouth, didn't see anything serious, one little tooth point.  So she did smooth everything out, but she said that she didn't think the one point would cause such weight loss.  So they ran his bloodwork -- everything looked good.  They said his liver, heart, lungs, etc were all good.  And she said he definitely is eating something and has poo production, so no worries on stasis (yet, at least).  So I opted to stop there and see if anything changes, now that the teeth have been filed.   If he starts regaining his weight, then we'll probably be good.  If he continues to loose, he'll need to go back in for urinalysis, x-rays, more texts.

So fingers crossed that now that the teeth are filed, he will pick up his eating again.

So then, I got an email a day  or so ago from the Chicago Pet Show about their events.  One of which was listed as April.  Well, my first thought (and apparently, the first thought of many other rescues/exhibitors who received this email) was that it was April 2013, accompanied by "holy hell is that soon!!!"  So I had emailed my contact at CPS and asked if they had any sponsors for this year, and she said not yet, but that I could make an effort to find a sponsor as well.  So, fine, so I called up Munster AH, who said to talk to a certain lady who would be in on Friday, and to bring with the information about sponsoring.  So I will be doing that Friday.

Well anyway, when I heard that I needed this information, which all I had was an email with dates, I called up CPS and talked to someone else and she sent me the packet that explained everything.  So now I have that, and just need to wait until Friday.  And during that phone call, I was corrected that the April show was for April 2014 (as a response to my asking why there was so short notice), and they told me that I was one of many people that called thinking the April show was this April and wondering where the rest of their packet was.  Ahhh.  In the words of my parents, "why didn't they just wait until next month to announce this?  Then no one would have been confused."  Which is actually a very valid point, because the "first" show isn't until September.  So, getting it out either April or May wouldn't make much of a difference regarding preparations, but it would make a difference, in that, if it was May 2013 and I read that there was going to be a show in April, I would assume 2014.  But not the way it was presented.

Anyway, it's all sorted out now.

So then I had someone come to adopt two ratties today.  He has a very nice cage at home for them, bought them a wheel, a hammock, some food, chews, and so on.  So now we only have 6 of the initial 10 males that Jim brought over.

I have someone coming tomorrow to get 1-2 of the females, and then I had someone else email about the females, so we'll see if that goes anywhere.  Also received an email about the baby female guinea pig that we have available, and got as far as pictures, requirements, adoption fee... and so far I haven't heard back.  So I don't know if they were expecting a lower adoption fee, or what.  Maybe I'll hear from them later on.  Also had someone email about Sammy, so we'll see if that pans out. 

Today was supposed to be the day I worked on orders, but somehow that didn't go quite as planned.  I did build a hidey house that I needed for the one order, and I did manage to bring another order upstairs, only to realize I don't have a shipping address for it.  I have another order or two that needs to be worked on, so maybe I'll get a chance to work on that tomorrow. 

Had  someone call asking about getting a cagemate for their chinchilla, and we talked about the various chins we have and what's available and whatnot.  They said they were going to talk it over with their husband and get back to me, so we'll see.

Had a few people email asking about custom things, I emailed back asking for more information so I could give them a better idea of what it'd cost.  So time will tell there. 

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