Friday, May 3, 2013

Bout those chins in craigslist...

Now I am anxiously awaiting a reply.  I sent an email to that family, stating that I saw an ad on craigslist for two chins, and if those are their two chins, I wanted to remind them that they signed a contract stating that they are to bring the chins back to the rescue, rather than rehome them themselves... and so on.  We shall see if they end up emailing me back.  I let me messaged-person know that I emailed, but told them to contact this person anyway.  I know nothing has happened yet, but I've had instances where an adoptive home has told me, "oh sorry, we rehomed them already," but then, tells a friend (that they don't know knows me) the next day, "oh yeah, we still have the chins, were you interested in one or both?"  So if they really do have them and don't want me to get them, I can usually catch them in it. 

Assuming I get these chins back, I would say it would be interesting to see how Sugar has turned out, as he's a kit that was born here, but he looks so gosh darn greasy in the picture that's up on craigslist that any good qualities are probably hidden.  Course, he was one of Dreamz' kits, and he totally inherited his mother's attitude.  So, I can't say I welcome that, but I definitely do want these chins back if they are, indeed, my chins.  Which I believe they are. 

Now I'm really antsy.  Good thing I need to go to bed eventually, cause I'm the type to keep checking my phone, and checking my phone, and checking my phone.... and if I don't get an email back and neither does my friend, within the day, they will be receiving a phone call.  Not to bug them, but hey, if they said they're going to return the chins, then heck, I will bother them til they do so.

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