Thursday, May 2, 2013


Ok, so off the top of my head I want to say I didn't accomplish much today, but really, I did get some stuff done.

First, off, created a new business card:

Then, took the female piggies outside (all two of them, lol) and let them munch on the grass while I called up a friend who left me a message saying "you said you'd keep in touch! you're not doing it very well."  So the pigs got to enjoy some fresh air and fresh grass while I yapped for a bit.  

I have pictures, but the camera isn't with me at the moment, and the upload is having issues on here right now as well.  I had to upload the above picture on my website and do it that way because this blog's upload is having a cow.

Anyway, so I went out and mailed two packages.  If you are waiting on a package, one off them is likely yours, as I only have one more order at the moment and it's a pickup.  I will email those people in the morning.

So, then, spent most of the evening putting up those gosh darn hammocks.  See, Webs should have some way to set up a template so that you can just open it, change the relevant things, and save it.  But noooo.  Instead, every time I open up a "new item" on the webstore, even when each new item is a hammock, I have to put in the --
  • title (changes every time)
  • description (top paragraph changes every time)
  • picture (changes every time)
  • select categories (same for all hammocks)
  • price (same for almost all hammocks)
  • click on shipping, wait for window to open, select U.S. and type in amounts (same for all hammocks)
  • select status (active, new, on sale, etc) (same for all hammocks)
The point is... the main things that change are the title, description, and picture.  Everything else remains the same, yet to put up 36 hammocks (and yes, there really are 36 new listings), I have to repeat all of that 36 times.  None of that takes long, but times a bit of time per listing x 36 listings and it takes all night.  Not to mention, the upload on Webs was also having a cow (must be a trend or something), so I had to upload all the images first and then go back and search for them when I came to the appropriate listing.  Waste of time, but mainly, a template could have saved me a TON of time.

Then put all those hammocks on the Fleece Items for Sale page.

At some point, I realized I'd told someone, last night, that I would put up a courtesy listing for them for rats, and I never did.  Oops.  Went and did that.

Went through emails and updated my Happy Customers page with names for the recent adoptions.  Need to work on paperwork tomorrow because I am officially behind on that page.  Inwardly cringed when I saw an email entitled "guinea pig," as I think I'm getting my fill of them in a few days, on top of what I already have here.  But it turned out to be about a possible adoption, rather than a dropoff.  Cringe gone.  Emailed them back, so we'll see if that pans out to anything.

Tomorrow will mostly be focused on the Lake County Pet Expo.  I still need to get information for the people coming with me, and get everything ready.  Plus, getting the supply orders that are leaving with me on Friday morning when I go to pick up the transfer pigs.  Shouldn't take too long, but I tend to overpack for expos.  I am ridiculously overly optimistic on sales.  We'll sell one of something and the next expo I'll bring 10.  Lol.  I try better this time. 

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