Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last lil bit

That old saying is true -- the less time I have to work with, the more I get done.  So, so true. 

Had a few orders come in the other day.  Knew that I was going to be starting work in a few days, I managed to get all three orders out within 3 days of receiving the orders.  Got another order, and I've already gotten it written down and the invoice downstairs.  Just need to get the stuff out and packaged up.

Worked on sewing up hammocks.  Currently have two crates full of them that just need to be hidden-stitched closed.  That's for another day.

Today was the first day of work.  Came home, went straight to the rescue to make sure everyone was fed and watered.  Got some pics of Ziggy, to give to T (so she can tell me what type etc. of mouse I have).  Finished setting up a donated cage and finished putting some extra shelves in that.  Rolled that over to the used cage area.   Still need to write it down and figure out a cost tomorrow.  Pulled out another cage which I was originally going to keep, but only need so many spare cages.  Pulled out the hanging chew toys, a wood perch, and the other goodies that aren't going home with the cage, and sanded down the shelves, and set it to the side.

Finally, decided I should make an effort to put my remaining chin spin and two flying saucers into cages.  My goal was to have a wheel for every cage, and I had the wheels... just not set up.  Well, back when, I finally put that imitation chin-spin in the bottom of Winx's FN.  But hadn't done anything else with wheels.  Until today.  Today involved getting two more wheels in cages.  For our green FN, a shelf and a hanging bed was taken out, and the green-powdercoated chin spin was put in.  As the chins in there had chewed part of how the bed hung, I had to take it out and put another grommet in.  Then re-attached the hanging bed with eye-hooks under the current shelf.  Put up a real wood perch and a wooden tube to complete that cage.

Moved onto the blue FN.  Only good place to put a wheel was all the way in the back, so I took out another real wood perch and put up the flying saucer.

The last flying saucer would be going in the yellow/orange FN.  Actually removed the Leo Braun wheel and gave it back to the prairie dogs.  Hopefully Shani (new praire dog, pronounced shahh-knee, finally named her!) will take to it.  Had to move their food bowls around to get that wheel back in the cage.  So, then there was the open space for the flying saucer.  Didn't get a chance to put it in.  Needed to go upstairs for the night (need to go to bed earlier now that I have a job to be at by 8:30 in the morning... rather than 2 in the afternoon), so I just cleaned up a few things, made everything reasonably presentable, and went up.

 But first, added another shelf or two to a cage that's being picked up Thursday.

Meant to get that order ready while I was down there, but that didn't happen today.   

On a positive note, almost everything is in place at the rescue, which is good, as I have two people coming by on Thursday after I get home from work.  Considering tomorrow (Wednesday), I will be going straight from work to class and not home until 10ish, I won't have tons of time to be cleaning, so I made some effort today to make sure I wouldn't have a disaster waiting for me when I get home Thursday.

Think that's it for the moment.

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