Monday, May 6, 2013

Wood, shelves, and more shelves, and the never-ending to-do list

So, today was a day stuff actually got done.  Started out the day going to get wood so that I could make shelves for a customers' cage.  Did that, came home, and finished up a shelf order that I'd been sitting on and just needed bolts.  Texted those people and they came over within the hour to pick up their shelves.  Turns it out it was a perfect time for them to get the shelves as they just got their chin spin as well.

Moved on to the new guinea pigs.  As they don't need their quarantine/eval period since they are transfers, I literally just need to write up descriptions and take pictures and post ads.  So today, was the day for taking pictures.

Then, came the big order.  I have someone coming to get two chins, a feisty ferret decked out in shelves and goodies, and a lot of other stuff... and I had to get it ready.  $55ish worth of shelves, 10 pounds of dust, 6 pounds of hay, cottage hidey house, two chew toys, water bottle, food bowl, bag of chin chow, carrier, hammock, and a few more things.  They will be set for awhile.  So I got all that set and bagged up and ready to go.

Then came the emails.  I literally have to write emails into my to do list or else the ones that require a long drawn out answer, or the ones that require me to find paperwork, etc., I leave until a day when I'll get those all done at once.  So, that was today.  Added someone to our waiting list, wrote down payments made on an order, writing down orders (to get shipping quotes) on invoices, and that sort of thing.

Moved on to cleaning off the desk, which is like my workstation.  If I leave it for a few days, it ends up looking like a cyclone hit it, as I will stick every rescue-related paper or receipt on there.  So quite a pile piles up.  So I cleaned that off, and at least organized things into piles so when I get to the "paperwork" on my to-do list, I won't have to spend a ton of time finding it all.  Then moved onto cleaning the foyer, which still had remnants of things from the expo.  Moved all that, put it where it goes (mostly into other to-do piles, but at least, the foyer is clean).  Added the recent volunteering and donations to the Donations page on the website.

Next on the list is "organize rescue."  Ha.  That's a toughie, cause it pretty much is never NOT on the list.  That's one of those terms that includes everything.  It includes making sure all the pets are fed and watered, that the cages that need cleaning are cleaned, that anything on the floor that should be somewhere else is picked up and moved, that the table-o-doom (catch all table) gets a look-over and has some work done to clear it off, and so on and so forth.  So, I spent a few hours organizing the rescue.  Had someone come and drop off a rescue the other day so I put the stuff they brought where it goes (again, mostly into other piles that need to be dealt with at other times).  Hadn't mixed up the food for the new rescue yet, so I took out their food and mixed it nice and good with our mazuri.  I tend to put the containers on top of the cages, and this time, I made sure I put it somewhere on top of the cages that the chins canNOT reach it.  Oops to the last time.

Decided now was the time to break down some more boxes.  Turns out, the water guys are coming to the house to turn on our in-ground sprinkler system and need to get back to where the water turns on -- which I'd managed to block with non-broken-down boxes.  So, I broke them down and organization has been restored.  To that small section anyways. 

At this point, the rescue is looking more normal.  After the expos, it tends to look a bit everything-is-everywhere-ish, because I've had to pull treats and supplies and everything to take, so when the stuff that doesn't sell needs to get put away, it goes in a zillion different places, meaning every drawer will be open, every box pulled out of its location, etc.  Was wanting to make sure I order more of the herbs/treats that I am out of, so rather than just throwing those back where they go, I dug through what I have and pulled out what I had (unpackaged in my 1 oz, 3 oz packages) to determine what I had more of and what I didn't.  Some of the packages that I had completely sold out of at the expo, like the globe flowers and the marigold petals, so those I got out the bags and packaged up some more.  I realized that I am on my second-to-last package of rosehips, after buying something like 21 pounds a few years back.  Rosebuds I am on my absolute last package so I need to order more of those, as well as more jasmine flowers.

Few little notes on the herbs -- the marigold petals -- apparently this last time I ordered I ordered from a different company, so once I use up the few bags I have of marigold petals, my next 2 pounds of this stuff will be whole marigold flowers and petals.  So, some actual like flower buds among the petals.  I don't think I like that stuff as much, so I'll likely go back to the plain marigold petals once I run out of these, unless there's some serious desire to have the marigold flowers/petals by the people who buy them.

Also, for the hibiscus, we will start buying it from a different supplier, as there has been a lot of talk about how it's "hard to feed" since the pieces are so small.  So, we will be buying it as whole hibiscus petals, which will be larger, easier-to-feed pieces.  Anyone who loves the hibiscus, don't worry, it's the same stuff, just not crushed down to miniature proportions.  Though, if you do want the crushed hibiscus over the whole petals, act on that desire to get it before I sell the rest.  It isn't selling quick though, so you have time.  But once I do switch over, if you do want yours crushed, by all means, give the bag a good squeeze a few times and you will have your crushed hibiscus.  I had someone drop off a sample (for me) of the hibiscus petals from the place I will be getting them, so I know for sure it's what I want, and I can also vouch for their crush-ability. 

I am also toying with the possibility of making and selling a supplement.  There's enough out there that I can surely create one of my own, the question is, would anyone buy it?  The "problem" is that buying this stuff, I can only buy in (at least) pound quantities.  Therefore, say my supplement requires 10 ingredients.  Well... that's going to give me 10 pounds of supplement.  So we will see.  That's something for another day when I don't have only half of my current to-do list crossed off (though, this is good progress for one day).

Ah well, tomorrow's another day.

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