Saturday, August 24, 2013

Adoptions, Dropoffs, More Dropoffs, and Common Courtesy

Ok, so lots been going on.  But, let's start with common courtesy.  I feel like I talk about this a lot, but I was raised when, you're going to be late?  Call.  You're going to not show up?  Let someone know.

Ok, so I was supposed to have two adoptions today.  One was supposed to be someone coming from Anderson-area for one of the guinea pigs.  They'd said, earlier in the week, hey, let's wait til Thursday to set a time, because they didn't know their weekend schedule.  Fine.  So Thursday comes and goes and I don't think about it, but I email them Friday asking if they still wanted to come tomorrow (which was today).  Nothing.  Like, not a, "hey, we decided to not drive 2.5 hours to come get a pig..." or anything, just nothing.  So, 5 days from my last email will be the 27th and she will get a 2 day email.  Now, if something came up, I can understand, but not just... not emailing at all.

The other adoption didn't happen either, but that's a long pointless story that leads to this end:  she's going to come by another day.

Moving onto a food pickup that was supposed to happen at noon today.  Noon comes and goes, it's like 12:30, and I text and ask if she's still coming.  Like 3 hours later, get a text back saying family emergency *rolls eyes*, can she come at 3.  Now, the reason for the eye roll, is cause what you don't know, is this person has never once showed up on time, and it's always a "family emergency" as to why not.  So, 3 pm comes and goes.  She's still not here.  4-something and she's texting asking if I'm still home.  Was, so she came, got her food, left.  But like... couldn't have texted prior to noon saying she wasn't going to make her time?

Now, my one group of people today did have common courtesy.  Said they'd be here between 12-1.  Call before noon to tell me, going to be closer to 1 pm.  It's about 1 pm, call to say, hey, just got off the expressway.  Now, they wouldn't have had to even be that specific, but for the people who are several hours late.... ok you should let me know.

But back to dropoffs.  Today, had a mom, dad, baby, and two other babies dropped off.  Hold on, lemme back up.  Knew I was getting in a mom, dad, and baby.   Was told, mom could be pregnant again, cause they're all housed together.  Wonderful.  So, when they called to let me know they were just off the expressway, they said, oh, btw, mom had three babies the other day.  Ok.  So they bring em all in this tote with air holes drilled in.  Which wouldn't have been a bad idea except for the cedar bedding.   Anyway, so they tell me, she had 3 babies on Tuesday, but one died yesterday.  So, we get all the chins in, they're all in the same cage, and they ask if I'm going to keep them together, and I tell em, no, but until I get a cage set up, 5 more minutes isn't going to make a difference.  So, they leave, and I have one cage that is good for mom/babies.  So, I get some bedding in that, water bottle and toys hooked up and we're about ready to go.  Turn back to the cage... mom chin is all bloody and there is another baby.  Dead, mind you, and cold, so stillborn, but it was a halfway decent weight, in the higher 40s.  Ick.  So, mom and living babies go to the little cage, and now I think, ok I am going to check on the other female (the daughter), and I can't even find nipples.  So the thought that she might have been the mom to some of the babies went out the door, cause they'd at least be somewhat prominent if she had just had babies.  But nope.  So, then mom and babies are settled, I find another cage with small bar spacing for the female.  Dad stays in the original cage (which, while not baby-safe in size, does have baby-safe bar spacing).

So, a picture here would be worth 1000 words, but I really don't feel like going downstairs at the moment.... the toys in the cage (that all the chins were in) are about 18" off of the cage floor and not directly above any shelf.  How were the chins supposed to chew them?  In all fairness, there (for once!) were plenty of toys, and they are chewed, so somehow (apparently chins can fly?) the chins got to em.

So, those chins were taken care of.  Going back to yesterday.  Drove down to the Bourbonnais area of IL to meet people for some chins.  A foursome -- mom, dad, two babies, no idea of sex of babies, of course.  So, turns out it's mom, dad, female baby, male baby.  Cage chewed to all hell.  So, mom and daughter went in the one spare run hole, and dad and male baby went into the last open FN half.

So that's four females that will be here four months, at least, to ensure they are not pregnant.

Other than dropoffs, today was halfway decent.  Got a call yesterday about someone interested in Eeyore.  Wanted to know how low I'd go on him and I told her I'd go down to $30 (from $35).  Which I feel is reasonable.  Well, she said she would have to go buy a cage and food and everything else.... mind you... just like everyone else who adopts, and wanted lower.  So she said she'd talk it over with her fiance (?) and get back to me in the morning.  But here's the kicker.  She told me, when asking for the discount, she knows rescues aren't in it for the money, just are looking for good homes.  *taps fingers angrily/impatiently, counts to 10*  Yes, however, there still has to be money to care for the pets while they're here and to keep the rescue running.  If that was totally true, rescues would just give animals away.  Like if she couldn't afford the $5 extra, she was going to have quite the shocker when she saw what a rabbit cage that size would cost her!  And really, I hate when people bring that stuff up, because it's basically like they're trying to call your bluff, like, if you really care about the animal going to a good home, what's a few bucks less?  I always want to tell these people, "do an experiment for me.  Go to the humane society and ask for the dog for less.  Or Petsmart.  When/if they say 'yes,' come back and we can talk."  Cause you know what?  They would NOT say yes, come on people.

Anyway, temper had cooled down by today, she and the fiance turned out really nice, came by and ended up adopting Eeyore.  Discounts just tend to boil my blood because the animals are cheaper ANYWAY, and the people asking for discounts are never the ones who are spending $500, they're the ones who are spending under $50 and want to see how cheap they can go.

So, spent a good portion of today washing stuff.  You might be amazed at the pile I'd amassed of stuff that needed to be washed.  So, several times washed stuff, filled up the drainer and let the stuff dry.  Stuff's drying now, other stuff is soaking with vinegar.  With the garage sale coming up, some of the stuff that would be $1 or so will be put out there to try to get rid of the stuff.  So we'll see.  Cause at some point this stuff starts to pile up, and I can sort of predict what is going to sell and what's going to sit here for all eternity.  Water bottles, food bowls = will sell.  Hay holders = sit here for eternity.  Small playpens = sit here for eternity. And so on and so forth.

Moving along to more stupid people.  If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know my feelings on people who call/text without reading the ad.  I absolutely hate having to regurgitate the info that I took time to write out in the ad, so that people wouldn't have to contact me for the info.  So...gotta tell ya about this one person.  Ok, so I get a text like a few minutes ago, and its almost midnight, ok, and they ask if the rat on cragislist is still available.  Now, first off, I would NEVER text someone (note: someone who is not a friend) this late, cause, well, first, its late and, second,  they might be sleeping, but also, just common courtesy.  But, I figure, I'll be nice, so I text back and say that I still have him.  So, they say: ok how much are you asking and will he have a cage to go with

...and now... blood is boiling.  I actually said:  it says right on the ad that his adoption fee is $10. He comes with some food, but no cage.

So they're like ok thanks.  And in reality, I want to be like *strangle, strangle, strangle* because if they'd READ the fucking ad, they'd KNOW that shit.  I have enough to do without having to regurgitate the entire ads for people.

That might be it for today.  And for the past few days.  At the moment, I seem to have chins everywhere, but Meredith is coming tomorrow, so we're going to load up the last set of run and holding cages onto one of the tables so I can condense a bit.  I have two more chins coming in tomorrow (two females), and then I had a friend give me a heads-up that another person might be bringing their chins by, and surprise surprise I got a text from that other person today.  So, the first person may be coming tomorrow as well.  And someone from KY later next month.  So the rescue is officially closed to intakes.  I really do need to update the website to reflect that, but I already have so much going on that that can wait until I get  few more things crossed off the list.  But the runs will help condense a tad without using up too much space, until either I get pairs made up or until some are adopted out.  And partially I need them due to the baby-safe-ness.  Cause I don't have a gazillion baby-safe cages but the runs are all baby-safe. 

Think that's about it for now.  Going to go tuck in all the critters for the night (food and water) and try to get some paperwork done. 

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