Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Volunteering & waiting list

So yesterday, had some volunteers come over.  The girls who adopted Isis & Eowyn (now Taffy and Toffee) came by for about an hour and we made the pumice and triangles toys.  I didn't have all the pieces sanded or the pumice drilled (remember, the drill died and I had to go get another) so most of the time was spent sanding and drilling.  Which, really, is about right.  Making toys is like 98% sanding, drilling, cutting the wire, etc, and only about 2% putting the toys together.  That's the "quick" part.  So in a way, I would rather people help from the beginning to the end, so they can see what all goes into it.  The few people who have ever come and put together toys from nicely sanded and drilled piles of toy parts -- they think the toys are really quick to make.  In reality... it took 3 people an hour or so to make 14 toys.  I know that sounds like a lot, but think, that's three people.  If it was just me, I'd still be making those toys.  When it's one person, it takes forever.

So, they left and I stayed down to make some more toys.  Made 10 of the fun chewies toy.  Spent awhile going through the already-sanded toy parts to pull out the triangles, drill those, and put those in a separate bag (so when I go to make toys, I can just grab the bag with triangles instead of fishing for them).  Since my current bags of sanded toy parts had already been raided for the triangles and little square pieces (which are used in like almost all toys on one spot or another), decided I need to make some of the anything goes toys to use up the "extra" toy parts (aka the rest of the bags) that don't fit with any other toys.  So, I drilled those and made one of the anything goes PLUS toys before I had to call it a night.

Went upstairs, worked on more paperwork, and went through emails.  Two more people are vacating the waiting list -- one is deciding to wait to get another chin, the other got one elsewhere.  See, the list is shrinking already.  I'm actually liking this whole contacting people every so often thing -- granted, some of these people have been on the list for awhile, like the one that just got off was from January 2013, but then, one of the people who got off the list the other day was from the end of June.  So.... long, and not-too-long.  Which is why I've been telling people who've been lately asking about the list, hey, it could be months, potentially quite a few months, depending on what they're looking for.  And people still say, yeah, they want to be on the list.... but I almost think they are just assuming that their dream chin will come in the next day and they'll only have to wait a month (for quarantine/evaluation) for it.  But in reality, that's not what happens. 

Just as an example.  I'd have to look at the list to see what the people (still-on-the-list) are wanting, but for awhile (and potentially still), I had like 5 people on the list looking for a female chin under 2-3 years old.  Well, this year is apparently the "male" year, cause I have been getting males on top of more males.  Which makes no difference to me, but in terms of people on the waiting list wanting a female--- they're still waiting.  And with rescue chins, you just never know what you're going to get.  First, maybe 2/10 people that call saying hey, I want to bring my critter in, actually show up.  So, I don't promise any animals to anyone until they are physically in my possession.   Second, of the ones that I do get, often sex is wrong.  They are positive its a girl and in reality its a boy.  Or people just don't know what they have.  I have someone coming this weekend to bring by a mom, dad, and baby.  They thought they'd breed for profit (ha!), but they can't even tell what the sex of the baby is.  And mom might be pregnant again.  And it sounds as if the baby might be old enough to be pregnant as well (if its a female).  So, the male will be ready likely in a month, but the females could potentially be here for four months.  And four, let's repeat, I never know what I'm getting.  Someone wanted a white female under 5 years old, well, I've had people call me and tell me they have a white with some gray chin....and its standard.  Typically I get in standards with some beiges thrown in for good measure, but the people wanting "fancy" colors -- gonna be waiting awhile.

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