Monday, August 26, 2013

Waiting List People

I know some of you all know about my injury last night, but this currently takes precedence.

Yet another aggravation.  

Them:  hello I am looking for a breeding quality female chinchilla , which comes with a pedigree. I am undecided on the color, I have a medium tan beige and a violet both males.

Me:   How soon are you wanting to get one? I would assume you're wanting to get an adult?

Them:  I dont mind if its a baby or adult. Its better if she is young that I can grow her out.  Which colors do you have up for sale.  I live more than 1hr away. Your website isnt updated. If I come I dont want to leave empty handed

Me:  My website is completely up to date, actually. I just don't have any pedigreed chins or babies for sale at the moment, that's why you don't see them on there. I'm a small breeder, I usually don't have more than 15 babies a year, and I want to say we're only on #6 so far. That's why I was asking how soon you're wanting to get one, because at some point I'll have babies up for sale, just not at the moment.

Them:  I can wait

Me (July 28):  Ok. I can put you on our waiting list, so you're wanting a pedigreed female -- have you decided what color, or would you just like to know when something pops up that I plan to sell that's female? Let me know, thanks. Also, will need your email so I have a way other than facebook to contact you when I have a baby.

Me (August 26):   Hey, I have a pedigreed beige female that I'm going to sell. Bout four months old, out of a hetero beige reserve phase champ male and a dan rolfe bred homo beige female. Asking $140. Let me know if you're interested, I can get pictures. She's roughly four months old right now.

Them:   Thankyou , i have alreally got a female. I would love to see pictures though

Few things.  First... they couldn't be bothered to respond to my July 28 message asking what color they wanted and for their email.  Second, "they can wait," yet a month later they have one.  Third, "my website isn't updated."  Excuse me?  Just because I don't have babies up for sale doesn't mean the website's not updated.  Granted, right now, it's not updated.  But just because the chin they want isn't listed doesn't mean I'm hiding it from them (but secretly have it).  People seem to think that though.  I once had a couple who I spoke to on the phone - told them I had no male chins available.  So what do they do?  Drive the 2 hours here, thinking I do have a male, just didn't tell them about it.  Um... what?

Now, I will get this person pictures, and who knows what could occur.  But this, along with the fact that when I emailed the people on my waiting list, only half responded -- all to say they'd either gotten the animal they wanted or were no longer looking, and the other half ended up off the list by default since they didn't contact me back.  So, there's like currently one or two people on the list (the ones I didn't email cause they had just been put on the list super recently).  See to me, this would suggest that having a waiting list is completely pointless.  They want to be on the list yet can't be bothered to wait more than a few days... if it was only going to be a few days I wouldn't even mess with a list.  I wonder if other people with waiting lists have this same kind of turnout?

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