Thursday, August 29, 2013

Labeling cages

More changes.  Exciting, right?  So, currently our cages are labeled by colored clothes pins.  Which some critters like to remove from their cages, others take joy in eating them, some just enjoy taking them apart.... the system is not working as well as I'd like.  Plus, they get dirty and my to-wash pile already is never ending without having to scrub little plastic clothes pins.  And the magnetic ones I thought would be better, still not thrilled.  They also make the name cards stick out at weird angles (because they clip on and then make the card stand out from the backing) and I was looking for a solution, and came across my show folder... and for those that have never been to a chin show, you wouldn't know, but they use colored dots to denote placement.  Blue is first, red is second, white is third, green is fourth.... ok I could potentially be wrong or mixed up on 3rd and 4th... but the point is, colored dots mean different things.  Bingo.

So, I purchased myself some colored dots and that is going to make up the new system (when they arrive).  New colors:

Blue circle --> under evaluation
Bright green circle --> available for adoption
Bright green circle & bright orange circle --> available for adoption with special needs
Blue circle & red circle --> under evaluation with medical concerns
Silver circle --> on hold

The clips are going bye-bye for the most part, I will hang onto some to help designate things on the runs, if necessary, but the whole clothespins overrunning my one drawer --> no more.

I think this is going to be good.  Rather than have to pull out the whole bag and change em (like, pull off blue, put on green), I will just be able to layer them.  So, an animal going from under eval. to available?  Blue sticker will get covered with bright green sticker.  And so on so forth.  No chance of these being eaten or anything of the sort.  Should have done this ages ago.  Much preferring this already....

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