Thursday, February 6, 2014

Comments and blog and other stuff

Two people posted comments the other day, and I wanted to respond to them, but when I went to the post where they commented... it said "no comments."  Typical.

So, to answer what was asked -- this blog was not started in response to a prompt or anything like that, I just started it because it occurred to me that people have no idea what goes on at a rescue and this is sort of like a "behind the scenes" thing.  Most people just see when an animal's listed on the website.  If we have a sick animal, it's listed as "medical evaluation."  There's very little information on the website when it comes down it it.  So, the blog expands on that.  If an animal dies, it's taken off the available chins page (where it likely was listed as under evaluation) and moved to the Rainbow Bridge page.  Most people never find the Rainbow Bridge page, and just see the critter vanish (if they even notice at all).  That's why I wanted to start the blog, because some of this stuff is never seen by the general public.  And I hear my average reader is an adoptive home of mine, but still.

I do not get paid to do this blog.  If I did, I'd probably do it more often (cause God knows the rescue could use some extra cash from time to time), but nope.  Just fun and educational purposes.

There was a comment about how I write.  I used to write stories when I was younger, and they would be posted up on a website and comments I would get would be on how I write in a very conversational tone.  It's read as if I'm speaking to you, so I hear.  I write like I talk.  These blogs are rarely edited.  Really, the only non-work thing I edit anymore is if I'm trying not to be mean to someone in an email or something.  But blogs are just like, I think it, I write it.

I think that might've been it regarding the comments.

Things have been slow lately.  No major adoptions, no major purchases.  Carlos was on hold for a bit, but the person kept pushing off getting me the adoption form, and she said she was sick and busy, and I can totally understand that, but I can't keep em on hold forever.  So, when I posted that cage up for sale, the big one, she popped up again saying could she get a deal on the cage and chin, and I told her, yes, but she would need to pick em up before I move.  Cause if I have to move em, no reason for me to give a discount.  The point is to give a discount so I don't have to move them.  Now just waiting for that adoption form again.  He's not going back on hold for her until I get it.

The people who have the beige female on hold also now have an ebony female on hold, they basically need to come and pick.

I have someone emailing wanting a young female chin, I told em, maybe after the show this weekend, but no promises.  Haven't heard back.

Had someone respond to my chin ad in one of the facebook groups I'm in, asking where they could get an adoption form to fill out to adopt a chin.  I told em where it is or that I could email it, we shall see if they actually submit it.

Had another person email about bringing their chin by, I told her, wait until I get back this weekend with the extra runs, and I will see how much of my waiting list I can knock out.

Talked to the person who's eventually bringing over some young chins, she thinks they're both male.  Sure hope so, as the longer she has em, the more chance (if there is a female) that the female could get pregnant.

So, yesterday I was trying to clean up around the rescue.  I went through the boxes of rescue toys/donations.  When I get a package, say from Jean @ TJs, I put it aside in a special container so it just gets doled out to the rescues.  Anything not in there is fair game for all the chins/critters here, not specifically just the rescues.  But when someone sends a care package or something, that's rescues only.  So, went through that stuff, added toy parts to rescue toys in all the cages.  Drilled some wood sticks and coins.  I have like oregano, timothy pellets, hawthorn leaves, some other random herbs that have been donated, those were doled out in small amounts.

Finally cut and glued the last pieces onto the two custom hidey houses that one of my customers has been waiting forever for.

Also packaged up food and hay to send out to one of my customers... but my hatch was frozen shut, so I guess that'll be going out tomorrow after I somehow dethaw that....

Vacuumed out the first open FN and wiped down everything inside.  Sanded the shelves.  Started with a toothbrush on the doors (where grime collects) and same for the sides and back of the cage where the pan meets the bars.  Didn't get very far before I had to go up for dinner and somehow didn't make it back down.
...but everyone was fed and watered when I was originally down there, so all's good.  The guinea pigs knocked a water bottle off their cage, and I couldn't find the metal holder thing.  Will need to make one, but at the moment, they're down to one bottle.  Which is fine, just needs to be filled more often.

Need to get home today and get ready for the show this weekend and try to groom the last chin if I get a chance.  Hopefully....

And then I need to get food ready for a pickup while I'm gone... and then fun away from home for the weekend.  Hopefully the weather won't be toooo bad.

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