Sunday, February 2, 2014

Included Things

Ok, so maybe someone can tell me if I'm wrong here, but I had a lot of people call lately asking about what the chinchillas come with.  Now, I will start off by saying, if they read the ads, they'd know.  But regardless, for regular chins, they come with a bag (2ish pounds) of food and a goodie bag.  Kits (babies) come with a bag (2ish pounds) of food, a kit goodie bag, and a hanging chew toy.  That's it.  Nowhere does it say "and they also come with x, y, and z."  Which is fine, no big deal, but the thing is.... it doesn't say that stuff because.... wait for it... the stuff listed is ALL they come with.  I know, big shocker. 

Now, I know I've seen ads out there for something that shows a TV stand with a TV on the stand and it says "TV not included."  I feel like, in that instance, I can see where people would be like, oh, ok, I get the TV because it's on the stand.  Even though, the ad is for a tv stand.  But with an animal, I mean... you go to a pet store... and you get just the animal.  You don't get food, you don't get treats/chews, nothing.  Here, at least, you get the animal, some food, treats, a toy if it's a baby.... 

...and people still complain.  Even though the critters here cost less than the pet stores, and you get stuff with them... they still complain. 

I have had several people today ask if the chins come with cages.  For $75?  They have got to be kidding.  Now, if they want one for that price, they may be able to find one on craigslist for that price for a chin, cage, and accessories.  But this is a rescue and even though we have ads up on craigslist and other classified ad sites, it is pretty clear from looking at the ads that I'm not just some random person selling one chinchilla.  It's pretty clear this is a rescue that's listing the ads. 

...but people want something for nothing.  Which is understandable, fine, but not from here.  I need to keep the rescue running.  With the cages being on sale for quite some time now, that's money I would normally be bringing in, full price, except I'm trying to get rid of em before I move.  But with the chins.... I hardly think $150 is a lot for a baby and $75 for an adult. 

...just something that's been irking me a bit....

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