Thursday, February 13, 2014

Productive Day

So, yesterday was a productive day.  I bribed a couple (regular customers) with store credit and they came over to help clean and move things around.

Before they got there, I filled all water bottles and put some food in the hoppers (don't want to put too much, cause moving cages tends to jarr those around and the food all falls out).  Natalie showed up first, about the same time as my adoptive home.  Cause.... Carlos went home!  Here's hoping it works out for them :)

So, we got that taken care of, and started on the cages.  Started adding shavings to empty pans and realized, I am a pan short.  Ooook.  Texted Meredith this morning to ask if she has an extra pan.  Well, anyway, filled those up, emptied out all dirty pans in the short stack of runs, and started moving chins from the FNs into the runs.  Moved most em over, and moved onto the run stack that's on the rolling stand.  Well... that stand is going to be taken to the new house this Saturday, so those needed to be moved.  Moved a table across from the stand, and one by one, moved the runs to the table.  Cleaning pans as we went.

So now, all the runs are on tables, both run stands are free, just need to be cleaned off and moved to the new place.

So, we started on the FNs.  The yellow/orange one just needed a bit more wiping down and it was ready to be moved over.  Worked on the others, pulling out liners, sanding down shelves/wood items, spraying/cleaning pans. Toothbrushing doors, sides where the pan meets the metal, wiping off the top of the cage, and wiping the shelf on the bottom.  Took several hours to get this all done, I think they left at like 9:30.

So then I went back down and completely filled all the food bowls/hoppers, re-put all the water bottles on the cage (the runs are heavy enough as it is... much less if you're trying to not tip em in a way that will make the bottles fall out of their holders), added water bottles to cages that needed em.

So tonight, I need to get toys hung up in the new runs, the CN needs to have the water bottle holders cut off of it (they got badly bent trying to pull em off and I don't want to break bars... cheaper to buy new water bottle holders).    Also need to get the run stands vacuumed and cleaned off so they can be moved....

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