Monday, February 3, 2014

Empty Cages

I had some people over the last few days ask, since I currently have a few empty cages, if I no longer have an incoming waiting list.  Nope, I do.  And actually, I have one person who's trying to find a convenient time to bring in a few chins (first on the chin waiting list) and a person trying to find a time to bring in rats (only person on the rat waiting list).  Those two could fill up at least some of the empty cages.

... but even if they don't, here's the thing.  If all goes well, *fingers crossed,* I will be moving soon.  I am attempting to move with the least number of animals possible.  Once it gets closer to moving date, I will be moving as many of the FN animals into empty run space as I can, so I can clean the FNs and move as many already-clean cages on moving day.  Cause runs keep relatively clean, cause they're enclosed, but cleaning an FN takes time.

Which means, to try to clear out a bit, the animals will go on sale again, for a short period of time, at some point.  And like last time, it will be the whole "this price is only valid if this animal is picked up before ____ date."  Why?  Because some people legitimately can rearrange their schedules to save a few bucks and free me up another cage or two so I can clean before I move them to a nice clean house, and I'm happy to do a discount if I can move clean cages.  I dislike moving grime (and coating a trailer in grime, which also has to move my non-grimy stuff).

I currently have two full double FNs empty, due to adopting out some chins and having my grower chins in holding cages.  Fingers crossed some additional adoptions happen.  There are currently... let's see... ok pink CN has Winx on top, Mama & Baby on bottom.  Pink FN has Toby on top, Carlos on bottom.  Yellow/green/blue FN has Gigi on top and an ebony female on the bottom.  And then I have a for-sale young female in a holding cage.  Mama & Baby will be ready mid-month, Carlos is ready, Gigi is ready, the eb female I'm waiting to hear back on, same for the young for-sale female.    

Oh and after the show, may have some additional chins for sale.  The show is this weekend.  

Likely once I move, I will have additional cages for sale.  I'm hanging onto oodles of cages that I like, and I realize, I am not gonna have room for this.  Most of em will be small and I'll need to hang onto one or two for loaner cages/trial run cages but since I'll be getting more runs, I don't need to hang onto the smaller "pregnancy watch" cages.  So, will have more of those for sale once I move and see just how much room I have.  Oh and they won't be on sale after the move, cause the sale is so that I can avoid moving them.  So if you're looking at one of the used cages, one of the current ones, reasonable offers will be entertained, so I don't have to move em.

As far as moving.... I haven't said anything about moving because the last time I was like "I got a house!!!" it fell through, and I still am getting emails asking how I like living on my own again, when I never actually moved, but I shared it so widely everyone thought I did.  I let everyone know and, in my mind, I jinxed it, so this time it's more hush hush just in case.  That's all I'm saying bout that.

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