Monday, January 27, 2014

Today, cont.

So, those people came by and decided on the homo beige male to take home.  So happy for him that he found a home -- sometimes those red eyes can be off-putting.

So, other than that, let's see... I organized a bit (it never ends, believe me), and refilled all the hanging toys in all the cages.  And then decided, today would be a good day to go through and take down all the toys with the metal chain.  See, that's fine for the huge toys that need it or the swings... but for the average toy, the chain means I have to drill a bigger hole to get the piece to fit on the chain... and some items are just too small.  So, it doesn't work out all that well.  So, I pulled out all of the chain toys, replaced those with the wire toys, and now there's only a few chain toys (that have to be chain due to how they're constructed).  Will probably keep some of the thinner chains, the rest will make it up into the gently used section.  Some people like them.  I used to be one of them, but the more time goes on, I'm not as fond of em. 

Moving along, the person who I've been talking about Carlos with asked me if I wanted her address or the center's address (Carlos would be sort of like a class pet) on the adoption form, which means she's actually looked at the form... fingers crossed!  There hasn't been much attention on Carlos getting adopted, so I hope this works out for him. 

No one asking about Gigi.  The female beige has one of my current adoptive homes considering her.  Said they'll get back to me by the weekend. 

And good news.... the ebony female with unexplained weight loss that my vet couldn't figure out.... well, the weight loss slowed somewhat with her last weigh in (the next one is upcoming).  And get this... today I saw her... on the shelves!!!!  She had been staying at the bottom previously, so this is a big move for her!  Maybe she's finally starting to feel better.  She definitely seems to be eating.  So fingers crossed for her as well.  :D 

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