Sunday, January 5, 2014


Ok, so to coincide with the bad weather, I'm officially sick.  I thought it was just the winter making me more congested than usual (as cold air and winters tend to do), but no.  I also have a mild fever and now I can't breathe (or sneeze for that matter), without resulting in 5 minutes of hacking.  Plus chest congestion.  Joy.   

And you know, the last few days, I was thinking, man, cleaning cages usually don't get me THIS wheezy, cause I mean, I was wearing the respirator, but now it makes sense... that was all leading up to now, where I need to avoid deep breathing (or heck, breathing at all), to keep myself from hacking.

And naturally, this happens on the weekend.

Anyway, point being... if you need to reach me, a phone call is not going to be very useful right now.  Please email or text.  

This is one of the few times in my life I'll say this, but thankfully, both my people coming today have cancelled.  The one said the roads are bad (I'm sure they are... we've already got 14"+ of snow here, and they're not super local) and the other said due to weather they couldn't make it, and I was like yay!!  So I can basically stay in bed all day and relax.  

I probably have to go down to feed the pets, but that's going to be the extent of rescue stuff today.

For the rat transport tomorrow night... I emailed the two people involved and asked to reschedule, cause I mean, I walk two feet and I'm wheezing so bad I'm ready to pass out.  So, hopefully we can reschedule cause I do not want to go out in this weather if at all possible....

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