Sunday, January 26, 2014

Working on getting things accomplished

So, less has been getting done than I might want, but things are still moving along.

Due to weather, the adoption of Peanut and Chile has been moved back again.  Fingers crossed next weekend is better.

My to-be volunteers had to cancel.

But.... good news otherwise!  My volunteer who was doing hammocks showed up today with 32 hammocks!!!  Who-hoo!  I took hammock inventory again, adding those into what I already had, and listing them on the webstore and the fleece items for sale page.   Added that to the donations page.  Sent her home with more material so she can sew even more hammocks, which she's happy to do.

Fed and watered everyone, cleaned up a bit... and unfortunately, that's where the productivity ended.  Had to go shovel and then was too cold to do anything else. 

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