Friday, January 3, 2014

Ok, so I got a bit behind.....

So, clearly, I got a bit behind on listing what I was doing everyday, but for the most part, I've been chugging along...

I made some more of the fun chewies chew toys.  Will need to make some more of the anything goes ones, cause Meredith needed 9 and cleared out about half my drawer, lol.

Finished cleaning the chests of drawers.  Two of them didn't need deep cleaning, cause they're new, so those just got wiped down, but the others are all now clean, as is the small workstation (that more or less just is a catch-all for everything).

I STILL haven't given the critters their Christmas toys, I need to do that... *write that on the list for today*

I did all the paperwork for 2012 and handed it off for tax purposes.  Still need to do statistics for 2012, but that's for a later date....

I actually ran out of wood, so my intentions to finish all my outstanding orders already... yeah, can't do that without wood.  So, went out in the blizzard yesterday (for other things as well), and picked up wood.  Now, I can finish the shelf orders and someone has an order for two custom hidey houses, will be able to get working on that as well.

Started gluing back together the motohome that was sent to me in pieces.  It is a pain in the ass, since basically every place it was glued now is not together, so it's one piece at a time, with rubberbands and braces and everything.  Fun fun.

I have most of the fleece put away from the last time at the laundromat.  As to why it's taken this long -- these things are hard to get dry in short amounts of time, so they need to sit out and dry naturally... and I can only do a few at a time, cause they take up a lot of space.  But that's almost done.

Working on potty training the rabbit.  It's not going well.  He seems to think that the pine in the litterbox is his bed, and the rest of the cage should be pottied in.  Been scooping everything up and putting it in the litter pan, and it's only like day 3, so it hasn't been that long, but he's not catching on...  I may just have to switch to something other than pine, as I think it's the pine that he thinks is his bed, not the actual litterbox.  I gave him a bed, but he peed on it, so it's out now.  Until he can at least routinely pee in one spot, no beds, cause I don't want to wash things daily.  I don't have that much free time.

Dreamz is still holding out, no babies yet.  Definitely is the right weight for babies, so we shall see.  Probably just a matter of time.

The little beige boy that was almost fur-less now looks rather normal.  Waiting to hear back on someone who may want him, but if not, he will be up for sale.

My Gypsy's boy is looking kinda cottony, so that's disappointing, but he'll probably come to the next show and we'll see, it's only $5.

I ear-tagged three chins!  Clearly something that takes practice, the point didn't pierce anything on the first two chins (so, they have the equivalent of clip-on earrings).  The third looks a bit better... but I am still finding this difficult.  I needed to number the two beiges I have cause I now really can't tell them apart and they're definitely different ages and pedigrees.... and now they have ear-tags (assuming they don't get them off).

Still have plenty to do on the list before the store opens back up, but one thing at a time.  Currently working on fulfilling orders and making toys.  After that, we'll see.

My waiting list has been interesting lately.  Two people decided not to bring their chins, after all, one wants to donate a bag of chin chow though, always good.  One person on my list is bringing their chin (or chins... they're deciding) on Tuesday.  More people have been added to the list, one with a chin with a mystery illness that comes and goes.  Asked that guy to get me all the vet records that he can, so I'm not starting from scratch.  That'll be a few down the line though, there's other people in front of him.

This weekend will be busy.  Looking at houses in the morning tomorrow, then two people coming to pick up supply orders (online, both done before the store closed), and then someone coming to look at potentially adopting Carlos.  And then Sunday I have a volunteer.  Yay.

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