Monday, January 27, 2014

Few more things

Ok, so, I dunno what I was smoking yesterday, but I completely forgot that I did several other things I didn't write about.  I cleaned all the rat cages and I went through all the rescue cages and hung up donated toys and re-filled current existing toys.

Moving on to today.  Had someone call about a chin, originally asking about the female baby... but I'm waiting to hear back from someone else about her, so I told em I have two males available.  So after some talking, that was fine with them.  I emailed them the adoption form and care packet, they read it and emailed it back.  Looked good with just one minor thing I wanted to touch on, and I was gonna email and ask when she wanted to come (she'd already said tonight, but hadn't specified).

So I looked in my planner and found that I had someone supposed to come look at the ratties tonight.  When I haven't heard from someone in a bit, I usually will check that they're still coming, so I texted (since the whole conversation was texting) and asked if she was still coming by the rescue tonight.  I received, "Who is this?"  Always a bad sign.  She'd forgotten she was coming, but even if she hadn't, her truck was now out of commission, so she's not coming.  I told her to text when the truck's fixed if she still wants to come by, but... I can pretty much tell you, the people who forget they have appointments, I never hear from again.

Hopefully I get an email back from the people interested in the young chin and they actually do come by tonight.

Had some people the other day who called about a cage.  I wasn't home and asked if they wanted me to call when I got home.  I told them it'd be a few hours.  They said ok, yeah, call.  So I did when I got home... they'd already found another cage.  Which is fine, I mean, no big deal... but what did they think a couple of hours meant?  No offense to anyone, but I am not going to rush home to sell a $20 cage.  Heck, I don't really feel like I should even have to rush home even if someone wants a chin and $500 worth of supplies... I feel like if they can't wait, it's probably an impulse buy and I don't need to deal with that.

Had a few more people email asking to buy Molly, Shimmy, and other chins on my "Our Chinchillas" page, so I added a line at the top stating that these are our personal chins and are not for sale.  Occasionally, that's not true, as I believe Dreamz was still listed up on the Our Chins page while she was up for adoption, but it's not awfully common that we sell our adult breeders, so for the most part, that line is true.

...and the person emailed back about coming tonight, so we just need to get a time set, and we'll be good.  They're getting a cage, and I really need to (in the new place, whenever I get it) take the advice that people have given, which is:  for both new cages I sell, have a set of shelves ready to go.  So when someone wants a cage with shelves, I don't have to hurry up and cut em, I will have them already ready.  I think that's a good idea, but that'll be something for the new place as there's already crap everywhere because of lack of organization here.  That will change when I have one smaller room to use for all of this!

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