Sunday, January 19, 2014

Few things & an adoption

So, I listed most of the available animals and its amazing the response I've gotten.  Within a day of listing Gigi and Dreamz, those two went on hold and Carlos is now on hold as well.  Who-hoo!!  Dreamz actually went home today with an awesome family.  I'm sure they'll be happy with her and they seemed like a great place for a retired chin. 

Someone on facebook had mentioned they liked our cutout hidey house, which is one of the worst sellers.  I have thought about taking it off the site, except a few people buy it, and its not hurting anything to keep it on.  But just to see how badly it really sells...

In 2011, I sold 23 houses, 0 cutouts. 
In 2012, I sold 63 houses, only 5 cutouts. 
In 2013, I sold 82 houses, only 2 cutouts.

Just interesting facts.  Obviously, hidey house production and sakes has significantly jumped up in the past few years, and that's why some people always hear me talking about hidey houses... cause I'm constantly making one or another.  I currently am working on a custom order for two custom houses as we speak.

Oh and water.  That's something someone brought up the other day, that I always am complaining about carrying water down to the critters, and how much can they really drink.  Oh hell they drink.  Ok today, just as an example.  Most of the critters had their water bottles at least half full, there were a few close to empty, and one empty guinea pig bottle (out of the two on that cage).  It took just shy of 4 gallons to fill up the bottles.  Not from being empty, mind you, from being about half full on most of them.  It takes a lot of water to keep the critters hydrated.  This is why it's so important, for me, to have in my new home running water in the basement.  Cause bringing four gallons down happens at least twice a week.  And not like that's the end of the world, but it takes time. 

Someone else got through the closed webstore and purchased a hammock lol.  I'm not gonna throw a fit about small orders when the store's closed, what I try to avoid is a ton of orders where I need to actually make things.  Cause even after being closed for this long period of time, I am still working on orders I got in BEFORE the store closed.  That's how behind I get, because between work and the rescue and all.... a lot of things have to come before filling orders,

I think that's about it for news here.  Still need to list the rats.  And still have things on the to-do list before the store opens back up.  But finally becoming up to speed with orders at least....

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