Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New intakes and other things

So, I finally got in some of the rescues that kept getting pushed back due to weather and unforeseen circumstances.  A mother and daughter pair, aptly named, Mama and Baby.  They're 4 and 5, and sweet.

Also some interesting things lately.  Got an email asking me to sell Toby and wanting me to hurry up and email back so they could adopt him.  Um... he's my chin, not for sale.  Likely they were looking at the wrong page, but that might be the first time anyone's asked to adopt one of my personal chins.

Also had someone want a cage delivered... two hours away.  Um... pretty sure it says I will deliver within 10 miles (or something close like that) for $5.  Not two hours away.  I said no.  Not for $15 or $23 (the cages they were debating over).  Then they'd asked if I'd mail it.  It actually says, on all used cage ads, that these cages cannot be shipped, pickup or delivery only.  No naturally, they ask if I can ship it.  Anyway, then they ask, can I ship it COD (cash on delivery).  Oh hell no.  I don't have a good grasp on how that works in reality, but what I do understand about it, is they don't pay for it til they get it.  Which means the cage would leave my house, with me paying for shipping, without me receiving anything for it.  No thank you.

Let's see, what else.  Oh, I have another hetero beige male that's going to be put up for sale.  Dreamz will also be for sale, to a pet home.  Need to list my trio of rats as well.

Awhile back, I bought a huge pack (at least 100-200) of vine hearts.  They have sat here ever since.  I don't know if I thought they were going to be part of a toy or what, but I haven't done anything with em.  So, yesterday, I dyed two racks of em a dark pink.  Dunno if I'm gonna make a limited edition toy or just hand em out around valentine's day, but I need to get em out of my toy parts box.  I'm trying to clear out things I don't need so when I move (eventually), I won't be moving excessive amounts.  Also went through that box, and found I had a bag of broken coconut shells.  The place I had been shopping at had had them for so much per pound, so I bought several pounds.  Some became fixtures in rat cages, the others were cluttering up my toy parts box.  So, the smaller pieces got drilled and put in the toy parts bin (for the hanging toys at the rescue) and then the others were bolted to the cages.  That cleared out a little more of that box.  I need to go through the whole thing, cause a lot of what's in there is pieces that could be used to make the holiday toys, but then there's some toy parts that are just random colors... which would be fine to make like a one of a kind toy for sale, but no reason to hang onto em and wait for the holiday toy to come around.

Tonight, I need to accomplish some things.  Need to do some paperwork and invoices, list the chins.  Need to look at the babies I'm holding back and look at their ages versus their weights.  Some might go bye bye if they're older and still too small.  Also need to set up the cage that's being picked up on Friday.  And need to start dusting and grooming the chins going to show in Feb.

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