Friday, December 27, 2013

Continuing - Day 3

So, I got home, wasn't feeling well and was tired, went to bed.  When I got up, went downstairs to make toys.  Started with the pumice & triangles so I could finish those.  Didn't have enough sanded toy parts, so sanded, drilled, and re-sanded those, and strung those toys.  Made enough to fill up the drawer.

Realized I only had a bit of pumice left in the large box I get it in, so I drilled it all, so now I have a nice gallon-sized bag of drilled pumice.  Put that aside.

Started on the fun chewies toys.  Those require the smaller circle cutout, which takes forever to sand down.  I only had 6 of them, so I was able to make two toys.  Will need to pull more of those out and sand them before I can make more of these toys.

Moved onto the anything goes toys.  I had two gallon-sized bags of drilled toy parts, so I cut enough wire and put the clips on, and started making toys.  Was able to make 16 before I ran out of toy parts.  Still can fit a few more in the drawer that holds those, so I will make more of those when I drill more toy parts. 

Cleaned up a bit so tomorrow I can come down and continue to work on the toys.  This is why these "numbers" stay on the list so long--- because a lot of the stuff that needs to be done cannot be done in one day, by one person.  I've had people ask what I'm doing, and I'll tell them, oh, making toys, and a week later, they ask, and I'm still making toys, and this is why.  Right now, the store is closed, and I do need to get out my last few orders, but I can get SO much more done without orders coming in, which is why the store needs to be closed periodically if I want to keep my sanity. 

I went down to the rescue in my pj's (cause I was sleeping, remember) so I didn't want to get really dirty cause I did want to sleep in them, so I left off cleaning the chests-of-drawers for another day.  That usually requires getting down on the floor and getting grimy and I wanted to stay clean.

Oh, I added to the donations page some recent donations we've received.  Christine from Twilight Chins sent over a swing for each FN, color coded to match our colors.  Yay.  Mara sent over a handful of apple sticks with her christmas card.  And Daphne sent over a huuuuge box (cost like $34 to ship, so think BIG) to ship, full of shelves, food, toys, all sorts of stuff.  Will get pictures of this up sometime later.  Those pictures will also be up on the donations page once I get them...

So with enough toys made for the day, it was around midnight, so I went upstairs to watch tv.  With my laptop of course.  While watching tv, I got all the cage pictures re-sized and labeled, and then listed all the cages on the website and on all the other classified sites.  Then went and finally put up the courtesy listing for Wheeker's available piggies.

...and now I'm going to bed.  

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