Monday, December 23, 2013

Store closed (temporarily)

Undoubtedly, some of you have seen this on the website (or guessed from the title of this post), but the store is now closed, with a few exceptions.

Please note:
The store is currently closed to orders until further notice (likely mid/late January) to re-stock.  You can email in your order, but orders will not be processed until the store re-opens.  A few exceptions: 
(1) current orders will be completed,
(2) if you are adopting an animal, your order can be filled,
(3) if you are picking up a USED cage, you can do so, and
(4) if you need food (either locally or shipped), I will fill your order.
Sorry for any inconvenience. 

...and now will come the influx of email that will say, "why didn't you tell me the store was closing, I wanted to put in an order!!!"  Exactly for that reason.  I once announced, ahead of time, the store was closing, and got like 20 orders in 3 days.  Nooooo thank you.

While orders are a good thing and help keep the rescue open, the point of closing the store for a period of time is so I can re-stock without selling items the second I make them.

Few reasons why this is necessary:

Some people have been aware that I had a box of the 2" x 3" pine squares get lost in the mail.  These blocks were sent out mid-October and fedex just now confirmed the box is officially declared lost (my USPS packaged never get lost....).  Since I have been unable to get those, I haven't been able to make toys (in case you all were wondering why my selection has been so limited lately, that's why...).  I got an email today that the guy who makes these for me is going to make another box and send it out.  Then, I will be able to make toys.

I also have only one jar of supplement/herb sampler (not sure which one) left.  Those actually take a bit of time to make, so it's not something I can do on the spot.  Just bought more jars the other day, but Meijer only had one package.  Grrr.  Will check back in a bit to hopefully get more (I try to make a lot at a time, so I can go longer between making them).  Will get more of those made up in the time off.

I have cages that need to be listed.  LOTS of them.  Mostly guinea pig/rabbit cages, but still, they would sell if I could list them.  Will be doing that.

Also have a lot of used small items for sale.  I sold a flying saucer yesterday, which nicely cleared out some room.  Also, when Harry was adopted by the new owner of Wheeker's, Desiree, well, she also takes in rats.   So, I donated some rat-sized wheels to her (less for me to sell!).  I need to go through everything, see what's worth selling, what's not (sometimes pitch-able things work their way into that pile).

Also need to WASH a ton of stuff to get it ready to sell.  I again have two large piles of stuff that needs to be washed so I can sell it.  Some of the "wood to wash" pile went down as I was able to use some of it in the QC's I sold yesterday, but there's still a lot of stuff there.

At some point, I need to go through all the drawers in the various plastic chests-of-drawers.... they start to pile up to the point the drawers can't be opened and half the time, things can be pitched or at least, better organized.

Plus the typical cleaning cages, filling orders for people who are adopting an animal, making sure everyone is fed/watered, and so on and so forth.  Filling outstanding orders as well.  Probably building a few more houses too.

Anyone who wants to come volunteer can help with any of this.... if not, it'll still get done, will just take longer....

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